How is birth control provided after birth?

How is birth control provided after birth?

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Pregnancy at an unexpected time after giving birth is known as a concern for mothers. However, due to factors such as breastfeeding and cesarean delivery, mothers have difficulty in choosing contraception. We also asked the questions of the Memorial Hospital doctors Op. Dr. We directed to Cihangir Yılanlıoğlu.

: When should I start using contraception after birth?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Cihangir directly After 4 weeks after birth, birth control pills can be started. Spiral should not be inserted before 6 weeks. However, it is also known to insert a spiral as soon as birth occurs. However, it has several drawbacks and is particularly applicable in countries with limited population opportunities. Long-acting depot needles can also be used after one month, but there are exceptions and no contraception should be started without expert supervision. Laparoscopic ligation of the tubes can be done after 6 weeks after the end of the postpartum period.

: Can people who have normal birth have a spiral implant?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Cihangir directly Those who have normal births or those who have cesarean section can have spiral implantation. Spiral implantation has nothing to do with the preferred delivery method. Any woman who chooses the spiral as a birth control method can have it.

: Is it OK for breastfeeding mothers to take pills?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Cihangir directly If breastfeeding mothers use the most commonly used combination (estrogen + progesterone) contraceptives, milk production may be reduced and discontinued. However, breast milk is the best and only necessary food for the baby, which means a significant loss for her. There are also birth control pills containing only Progesterone, but whatever is wisdom is not available in our country! These are called “minipill ğinden because they contain very few hormones and can be used not only in nursing mothers, but also in those who are at risk of thromboembolism and are at an advanced age and who are inconvenient to take birth control pills.

: Is it true that breastfeeding mothers cannot become pregnant even though they do not use birth control?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Cihangir directly It's true to some extent. In fact, prolactin hormone, which is high in the blood during breastfeeding, prevents ovulation. However, this is not a condition to be trusted and “unwanted pregnancies that happen to those who rely on milk conservation are much higher than supposed.

Kiss. Dr. Cihangir Yılanlıoğlu Thank you.

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