Breastfeeding situations and solutions

Breastfeeding situations and solutions

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In one of my previous articles, I explained in detail the advantages of breastmilk and its benefits for the mother and the baby. I told you there was no possibility of breastfeeding and that problems with breastfeeding would be temporary. However, I would like to inform you with current information about some special situations and what to do in these situations.


Breast abscesses
Pulmonary tuberculosis
Herpes simplex
hepatitis B
Vaginal genore
hyperprolactinomia to
Pregnancy while breastfeeding (some of the terms seem unfamiliar to you, but physician friends who follow you will inform the mother.)


The baby's cleft palate or lip
Baby with tooth in mouth
Some congenital metabolic diseases (such as galactosemia)
Primary lactose intolerance

In cases where breastfeeding is not possible or when breastfeeding is inadequate, MOM-MILITARY SUPPLIES or breastmilk supplements are needed. However, important problems arise in this unnatural diet. For example, proper dilution, complications due to storage conditions of the ready formula, the use of the formula that is not suitable for the baby's month, the opening of the bottle, hygienic problems and so on.

INITIAL FORMULAS: These formulas are used in infants in the first 4-6 months of life. Its contents are compatible with breast milk. Such as SMA S26, nutrilon 1, preaptamil, similac 1, nan, prehumana, SMA plus, nutrilon forte, aptamil 1, milumil 1, guigose 1, humana 1. Although these formulas have little superiority to each other, they are all prepared according to the directives of the European Economic Community.

CONTINUE FORMULAS: Formulas in this period are sufficient to meet the needs of the baby after 6 months. Such as SMA 2, aptamil 2, milumil 2, humana 2, humana 3, milumil 3, nutrilon 2, nutrilon 3 gibi
The most important point to be considered when using the formula must be set by the nutritionist and pediatrician. Because only these experts can decide how much and how long the baby can be fed per day according to the needs and growth and development level of the baby.

Formulas should be kept in closed containers in cool boxes.

Formulas are prepared; It should be prepared by placing 1 part of the formula in the bottle and diluted with water until it reaches 30 cc.

It is recommended that the formulas be given to the baby with a bottle. Therefore, mothers should have more than one bottle, especially glass bottle. Glass feeding bottles should be cleaned according to sterilization rules and should be prepared under suitable conditions.

Formulas are not heated, not cooked. Prepared by placing in boiled warm water.

In infants after 6 months, formulas can be given with a custard-like spoon outside the bottle. For example, add 180 cc of rice flour to thicken and cook until it becomes thick and can be prepared by adding 6 parts of CONTINUE FORMULA that is close to cooling.

All we wish is to feed the mother's milk which is prevented from breastfeeding or away from the problems that will not remove the baby from breast milk.

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