Cough in children in 10 questions

Cough in children in 10 questions

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Cough is one of the most common disorders in children, especially in winter. Kadıköy Şifa Health Group Child Health and Diseases Specialist Nilgün Gökyayla answered the 10 most curious questions about cough in children.

1. What causes cough in children?

Cough occurs due to infection, aspiration, foreign body, reactive airway, cystic fibrosis, gastroesophageal reflux, passive smoking and anatomical anomalies.

2. What are the reasons that occur more frequently in winter?

In winter, viruses and bacteria that cause colds syndrome are more commonly found in the air. In addition, the school environment and public indoor living spaces also affect this frequency.

3. Why do children cough more at night?

In particular, coughs due to upper respiratory tract infection are observed at night. In the lying position, the nasal discharge flows into the bronchial tree and stimulates the cough reflex.
4. What measures can parents take against cough?

The family should be patient and behave as directed by their doctor. It should be noted that cough can continue for 6-8 weeks after each upper respiratory tract infection. Coughing should not be the purpose of families. When the underlying cause is treated, the cough will go away.

5. Does the use of a cold steam engine benefit against cough?

The cold steam engine is useful for coughing due to nasal obstruction, which we call nasopharyngitis or rhinosinusitis. Moisturizing softens the nasal secretion. Nasal discharge decreases. Cough reflex is reduced.

6. What are the coughing or coughing diseases?

Diseases such as reactive airway disease, all upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, whooping cough, measles, croup, cystic fibrosis are associated with coughing.

7. How is cough treated according to these diseases?

In general, all our infections are related to cough, our general aim is not to cough, but to eliminate the cough-causing infection or discomfort. Cough suppressants (antitussives) should not be preferred! Because they suppress the cough reflex, causing the accumulation of the entire mucus in the bronchus and the upper tube, which can lead to superinfection. We prefer bronchial openers and nasal openers.

8. In which cases should a doctor be consulted?

If a cough comes in the form of a crisis, if accompanied by fever, affects daily activities and sleep at night, consult a doctor.

9. Is there a possibility of allergies in children with chronic cough?

Coughs lasting longer than 8 weeks If prolonged cough is observed at the end of each influenza infection, the underlying cause of allergy should be investigated.
10. How to treat allergic cough?

Allergic cough is treated with bronchial openers and protective antiallergics in the acute phase. In the chronic period, it is treated with inhaled steroids.


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