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As Mother / Father;
That we will always be thankful to God, who allows us to attain this supreme being; That we will raise him with the best means that we know and can achieve; that we will help her to embellish her soul with beauty and to appreciate her body; to teach love and love; We will count on him and tell him respect and we will always be there for him in happy and grieving times, but we will not enter into unfair expectations by saying “I gave labor;; We will renew our love, respect and trust for our spouse who is always with us every day for his existence and friendship; that we will support our “Baby olan, which is the light of our eyes, the joy of our home, the meaning of our lives, to realize its own desires; but that we will not try to keep our own desires in Him, we will teach him to prioritize social values ​​before his own interests, that we will share the riches, which Motherhood / Fatherhood has grown within us, with happiness; and we promise that we will always love and protect Him in summer, winter, day, night, with all our being.

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