What does being a mother add to a woman?

What does being a mother add to a woman?

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Your awareness increases… The change in your ideas and beliefs continues throughout your pregnancy, birth process and motherhood journey. When a woman becomes pregnant, she begins to reconsider her ideas about the pregnancy process and having children. It combines information from family, friends and professionals. The aim is to discover the meaning of the baby for itself and to complete the pregnancy process in a healthy way. As time goes on, child focus, child development and ways to build a good mother-child relationship become your focus. Now is the time to put what you have learned into practice and enjoy the good experiences you have with your child. Every new knowledge you receive from outside and every new thing you learn from your relationship with your child will affect your previous ideas and beliefs. Sometimes you see that your old ideas are completely wrong, you leave them, sometimes you realize the right sides of your old thoughts and add new knowledge on it and create new approaches. Motherhood is an experience that helps many women get to know themselves better and increases personal awareness, especially in pregnancy, as it leads to a review of personal ideas and beliefs.Allows you to be an independent individual!Another of the benefits of being a mother is that you are an independent individual from your own parents, giving you the opportunity to live in a way you have never experienced before. It is very important that a woman who is transitioning to motherhood feels that she is enough to be a mother to a child. In order to feel this, he must succeed in independence from his own parents. What we mean by independence here is not to be alone or to be alone. Independence means being able to establish close and emotional ties with others and enjoy themselves, as well as being self-responsible, making decisions independently of others, and strongly believing in oneself. Most people experience being independent from their parents when they become parents. No matter how successful you can stand on your own feet, married and independent for a long time, you may not have the opportunity to put yourself forward in your relationship with your parents before you have a child. When you have a child, you are now in charge and responsible. Taking the role of motherhood is a huge step for your self-development. You'll make clearer decisions!Being a mother reveals a strong and sensitive woman within a woman. Being a mother is a strong motivation for many women to give the best to their child. This is the most important aspect of motherhood that should be celebrated. The motivation of motherhood is a very powerful emotion that is reflected in your whole life and encourages you to hold onto life with four hands. The meaning of raising a child, showing him the right and the right, making the right choices on his behalf and supporting him to be successful in life is a satisfaction that cannot be experienced as a childless woman. Being a mother often makes a woman's stance against life more robust. For example, it is clear that a woman who becomes a mother in important decisions that affect all aspects of life, such as staying in work or choosing not to work. Many mothers who think that their children's financial needs are a priority under the current conditions continue their careers. For a child with different conditions, it may be more important for the mother to stay with the child than financial needs. Then most mothers reorganize their lives without hesitation. Of course, in every election, the mother should be able to balance the needs of the child and hers, and never leave her wishes in the background. Raising a good child is also possible with the establishment of balances like everything else in life. It is not possible for a woman who is totally devoted to her child and ignores her own needs to be happy and to give the best to her child. It is seen that many women who have balanced the needs in their lives after having a child are safer against life, taking their steps more firmly, and having higher self-esteem and value. This is a brand new trait that motherhood brings to women both instinctively and through experience during maternity travel. Your emotions intensify… Being a mother encourages a woman to remain firm and determined to life, but also with her own sensitivity, soft-heartedness and sincerity. We see many women who become more intense after becoming a mother. Motherhood is a process that enriches the spiritual world of a woman and helps her to realize her emotions better and to share more easily. Although a mother, a woman becomes more prepared and sufficient to perceive the inner world of not only her own child but also others around her. Many women who have become mothers are more open to sharing, more positive and more understanding in their relationships. These qualities, which improve the quality of human relationships, often lead to a more satisfying and enjoyable life for mothers. Maternal women's sensitivity not only to other individuals around them, but also to the general community in which they live. In the face of social deterioration or wrong policies, the group with the greatest potential for change is mothers. Motherhood-specific sensitivity, which is expressed in the form of wanting the best for her child, becomes a tendency towards a general good that constitutes the identity of the mother who becomes a mother over time. This makes mothers the leading actor of change for the better in society. Every moment you live with your child is “special”The biggest gain of being a mother is of course the sharing of the mother with her child. The strong, positive and secure bond between mother and child is the first step in life-long sharing of interest, love, support, compassion and fun for both parties. Many women say that as soon as they learn that they are pregnant, they have an internal connection with their baby. For some women, the baby must be born to feel the connection with the baby. In fact, it does not matter at what stage this bond occurs. The relationship between mother and child is a very special process that progresses day by day and experiences different beauties in each stage. It is known that most mothers kiss their child hundreds of times, engage in verbal communication with him dozens of times, and sing many songs or lullabies to their baby, especially during the first 3 years of age. These intimate interactions between the mother and the baby are the hidden treasures that lie at the heart of having children. The mother and child begin to feel internally happy as they experience sharing, loving times during the day. These positive, close social relations help the two parties to get to know each other. They learn what entertains each other, what calms them down, what makes them happy and what makes them sad. Although the mother has the responsibility of being a donor in early childhood, the child does much to meet both the emotional and social expectations of the mother. The play of love, which continues in the form of responding to the needs and needs of the mother and the child alternately, lasts a lifetime. Your priorities change… Many priorities in a mother's life have changed. For example, going out with your friends when you are a childless woman may be one of the things you enjoy the most, but when you are a mother, you prefer to meet in a comfortable and safe home environment. When you are a childless woman, you may pass meals on some days, but when you have a child it is a necessity to have healthy meals at home every day. Of course, adapting to changing priorities with the child and accepting the role of motherhood can force all mothers from time to time. Nevertheless, there are very few mothers who want to replace their child's smile or joyful gaze with something else. Happy Mother's Day for all women who experience a mother who changed a woman from start to finish… Twitter / SinemOlcayKademFacebook / IPC Istanbul Parenting [email protected]

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