The Happiness of Being a Mother

The Happiness of Being a Mother

Being a mother yaşat gives a woman incredible feelings. Psychologist Eda Gökkduman, “I have repeatedly met mothers who say,“ There is nothing in the world that makes this feeling the same way. ”Dierak shares his views:

Getiren Bringing the babies to the world in a rush of life and responsibilities, growing them patiently by being sleepless for hours, feeding them, thinking that they have the worlds when they take their first steps, when they see that their little love falls into sleep peacefully, they feel peaceful and can feel alone when they can stand alone in their show at school. , who are proud of their accomplishments, who can forgive her immediately, even if she is wrong, and who cannot believe that she grows up when she has children - who else can make these great sacrifices for a child. Who can show great love for nothing. ”

Family is a system. The healthy functioning of this system depends on the robustness of its components. If one of these parts fails, it must be repaired immediately. Parents and children are the main parts of this system. If the mother, father or one of the children is emotionally damaged, the other two need to take action for repair.

Mothers who feel these good feelings for their family and children can sometimes get tired. He can feel anger and anger at people and events around him. In these situations, he needs to be understood and see more value. In this case ; The first task to support him falls to spouses and children.

The mother of the house; Share your negative feelings. Listen to what their expectations are. Whisper to her that you love her and that her feelings are important to you. Say words that express your understanding, show gestures and behaviors. Tell them what you can do against their wishes and give information about what you cannot do with their reasons. To make her smile a little, remind her of a beautiful moment you've had together in the past.

Then hold her tight and… THANK her her for everything she has done to you since you were a baby EK…

The most beautiful thing that will make a mother happy even in the unhappy moment is this meaningful sentence…