Family-child-teacher relationship

Family-child-teacher relationship

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The way we live day-to-day and our relationships with other people are changing, and as a natural consequence of this change we start to need different things. Fifty years ago, families lived in what we call extended families and the needs of the family were met by family members again. Today, however, large families have been replaced by nuclear families. As a result of this changing socio-economic structure, families were unable to meet their needs within themselves.

In parallel with the increase in the number of working mothers, sending children to schools for care and education is the most important fact of the changing family life. As a result, the number of children attending school, especially kindergarten, has increased considerably. By sending their children to school, families start a different social relationship both for their children and for themselves, which is a family-child-teacher relationship.

In the family-child-teacher relationship, each element is of particular importance, but the relationship between these items is more important. Therefore, when families send their children to school, they should make sure that this relationship is healthy so that their children can receive education in a healthy environment.

What can you do?

? If you still do not meet your child's teacher, meet him / her immediately.

? Try to understand and take care of the teacher's style and points.

? Don't give your child negative thoughts about the teacher, try to solve these problems by talking to the teacher.

? Keep track of the assignments and work done so that you get an idea of ​​what and how the teacher works in the school, so you get a chance to get to know the teacher better.

? Try to participate in activities and meetings at the school, which will help you get to know the teacher better and give you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the teacher.

? In the meetings you attend, convey what you want to share / share with the school and teacher.

? Try to follow the school rules carefully because teachers are the most important practitioners of the school rules in the classroom.

• If you have a special case about your child, do not hesitate to share it with the teacher, otherwise you or your child may be adversely affected.

? Act as strongly as possible with the teacher and pretend to be the teacher's partner for your child's education.

In a healthy relationship with your child's teacher, you create an environment for your child to be more successful and you will feel comfortable knowing the teacher better. Recently, there is a lot of research proving that the family has an important role in the child's school success.

According to experts, the healthier the family-teacher relationship, the more successful the child-teacher relationship. As a result of the good relationship with teachers, families have the chance to see their children through the eye of the teacher, who is an objective eye, and can better understand the needs of their children. It is possible to reverse the same situation, the more the teacher knows the families, the healthier and more accurate his approach towards the child. Therefore, take care to establish a good relationship with your child's teacher !!!

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