Attention to Overweight in Children! Obesity and Causes

Attention to Overweight in Children! Obesity and Causes

25 percent of those who are fat in primary school, 70 percent of those who are fat in adolescence are fat in adulthood. Diseases, genetic factors and fast-food diet, inactivity, increased hours spent in front of television and computer are considered the most important factors in childhood obesity.

The understanding of healthy children who have been accepted for many years in our country has changed completely. Children who are mis-fed and gain weight in the first years of life are at increased risk of becoming fat, diabetes and hypertension. Acıbadem Hospital Child Health and Diseases specialist. Dr. Murat Tuncer, In Turkey, according to the results of a study conducted on children aged 9-17 years 11.2 percent in the rate of obesity in boys, while the girls stated that 9.4 percent, "the members of children with high socioeconomic group this ratio was observed to be higher. The 3rd National Health screening of the United States showed an increase in obesity rate of up to 37 percent in 10 to 12 years of age. A similar increase is also valid for our country. In addition, in a study conducted in 2001 in schoolchildren aged 14-18, the rate of obesity was 30.1 percent in private school children and 14.8 percent in public schools. ”

Causing factors

Factors in increasing obesity during adolescence; diseases, genetic and environmental factors are divided into three. Obesity-causing diseases, endocrine, central nervous system and genetic diseases that draw attention to Professor. Dr. Dr. Murat Tun cer, continues: “During adolescence, obesity, the problems that arise during the baby's mother's womb, early infancy childhood nutrition, familial habits, the formation of taste buds, ready-to-eat foods, carbonated and sugary drinks are effective. In addition, the impact of advertising should not be forgotten. Decreasing the environment for children to move, having to go to school with the service, increasing the time spent in front of computers and television at home, preparing for the exam for hours at the desk increases the rate of obesity. ”

Diseases caused by obesity

Obesity is now considered a disease in itself. However, obesity is a factor that increases the risk for many diseases. Professor Dr. Murat Tun cer, “For example, 65-75 percent of high blood pressure patients in industrial societies are known to be overweight. Obesity also has a very close relationship with diabetes. ”

What should be done in the treatment of obesity?

A permanent success in the treatment of obesity requires a multidisciplinary attitude. That's why doctors, dietitians, psychologists and exercise counselors need cooperation. Professor Dr. Murat Tuncer says about the diet planning: erek Adolescent's diet should be adjusted according to his needs by correcting his feeding habits. 55-60 percent of energy from carbohydrate, 25-30 percent from fat, 12-15 percent of the protein should be planned to come from the diet. In addition to this, more accurate regulation of the diet according to the sociocultural and economic status of the adolescent increases the chances of acceptance and long-term application of the diet. ”

Recommendations for families

Professor Dr. Murat Tun cer offers the following advice to families on how to help fatten children:

Since 8 percent of diapers have a history of diapers in their families, their dietary habits are important. Therefore, in order to prevent the risk of obesity in adolescents, the nutrition habits of the family should be examined and if not found appropriate, education should be given to the family about nutrition.

Improper eating habits at home should be corrected. As much as possible, eating at home instead of eating out, while distractions such as radio, TV or reading a book should be avoided.

Meals should be given regularly, snacking between meals should be avoided, and food should be kept away from high energy but not nutritional value.

Physical activities should be helped.

Increasing amount of dietary fat and the time spent in front of television and computer as a result of the fast food industry becoming widespread are among the most important causes of childhood obesity. First of all, it should be known that fast food is a great risk since many health problems will occur with obesity.