Ways to protect children's eye health

Ways to protect children's eye health

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Vision disorders affect one of the 20 children who will start school and one of the 4 children who go to school.

Experts recommend regular eye examinations for early diagnosis of important problems such as vision laziness, strabismus and color blindness.

80 percent of preschool children do not undergo eye examination, so many eye problems can not be diagnosed early. Experts, general health examinations of the eye diseases are not given due attention to the necessary, undiagnosed or late diagnosed eye problems negatively affect the school success of children, they point out.

Acıbadem Hospital Bakırköy Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Sılay Cantürk, untreated eye diseases, learning disabilities, athletic performance and a decrease in the child's self-confidence, he says.

He said that vision disorders affect one of the 20 children who will start school and one of the four children who go to school. Dr. Cantürk said, “Since these eye problems start in the early ages, it is very important to perform eye examinations of children. Untreated eye defects make the child's school life, personality development and school adaptation difficult. ”

Eye Laziness - Amblyopia

The problem, which is called amblyopia in the language of medicine and is known as lazy eye among the public, is one of the common disorders. Amblyopia is defined as the inability to treat the under-eye in childhood. Strabismus, or the difference in the visual quality of the two eyes, plays an important role in the formation of visual laziness. Ophthalmologist Op. Dr. Sılay Cantürk, “In both cases, one eye becomes superior to another and strong eye sight, suppresses the weak eye.


Although strabismus is seen primarily as an aesthetic problem among the public, it can result in laziness of seeing when not treated. In the strabismus, defined as the fact that one eye is not aligned with the other eye, Op. Dr. Sılay Cantürk said, “Strabismus can cause functional disorders such as laziness of sight, double vision, decrease in sense of depth, as well as psychosocial negative pressures. Lack of self-confidence, bad interaction with friends are problems for children with uncorrected strabismus. Konuşuy Studies have shown that the negative psychological-social effects of strabismus begin on the average age of 6 years.

Color blindness (Difficulty of color separation)

One of the vision problems is color blindness. Noting that children with color blindness are not blind, Op. Dr. Sılay Cantürk continues: “They only distinguish some colors more difficult than others. This is hereditary, affecting one in 12 boys and only one in 200 girls. ”

Retinopathy of Prematurity

Premature retinopathy, or short-term frock, is defined as one of the most important health problems in the eyes of preterm babies. Normally, the vascular systems in babies' eyes continue to develop until they are born. In premature and low-weight births, this development process is incomplete. The development continues after the baby is born. Kiss. Dr. Sılay Cantürk said, oksijen The oxygen used to keep preterm babies alive causes abnormal development of the vessels in the eye. Since these new veins affect the retina of the baby, ie the web layer, it can cause continuous blindness. Therefore, premature babies need to be checked and monitored by an ophthalmologist. “

Myopia and hyperopia

Myopia, or not seeing far away, is due to the fact that the length of the eyeball is too long for the eye's focusing power. Therefore, Op. Dr. Sılay Cantürk gives the following information about hyperopia, the problem of not seeing relatives.

“In this case, the eyeball length is shorter than the eye's focusing power. The children's eyepiece can adapt to this situation and provide clear vision far and soon. However, the exertion may cause eye fatigue and the eye to drift (strabismus).

Astigmatism is the uneven shape of the anterior region of the eye. It is related to the shape of the cornea, ie the front window of the eye. Children with astigmatism see vertical lines more clearly than horizontal lines. Sometimes the opposite is the case. "

Purpose of vision scans in children

Families at the latest 3-year-old children to take an ophthalmologist recommends Op. Dr. Sılay Cantürk says: “In this way, one or both eyes with vision problems, diseases and strabismus are detected early. In addition, low eyelid, dancing eyes called nystagmus and head positions can also be diagnosed early and treatment can be switched over.

In order to protect the eyes of children in the 0-16 age group, it is necessary to perform regular eye examinations immediately after birth, when the child is 6 months old, 3 years old and before starting school and throughout school.

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