7 miracle ways to lose weight

7 miracle ways to lose weight

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7 special strategies from Orhan Koral to help you reach your weight goals:

1. Film your success: Before starting a film, the directors draw a storyboard. This is a technique used to draw frame-by-frame film. Similarly, you can make a plan for your success in reaching the goal piece by piece. Create a diagram of your goal and build your shopping strategies, exercise tips week by week.

2.Rehearse your success: Athletes mentally imagine themselves as winners to prepare themselves for the championships. Likewise, you can develop specific scenarios such as making the right food choices outdoors, visualizing your achievements in your brain and making your goals as real as possible.

3.Do not sabotage yourself: Many of us unconsciously sabotage ourselves with damaging thoughts such as “I will never lose weight”. When you find that way, try to use more constructive expressions. For example, “I have not lost as much weight as I want, but I can change it. I will go to the gym for 3 days for exercise ”and get up and go to the gym.

4.Be your own cheerleader: Some people believe that they are modest to position themselves down. Has a friend ever called you "ugly" or "fat"? Show yourself the same respect. Make a list of the achievements you have reached and want to achieve. List your skills that will lead you to them. Add everything you do every day to the list and you'll be amazed at your change!

5.Avoid being a perfectionist: Try not to think in terms of all or nothing. For example, I squandered my diet because I avoid exaggerated eats at a meal. You should learn to be polite to yourself and accept it as opportunities to deal with setbacks.

6.Follow your goals: It is important to believe in achieving your weight loss goals. But remember, too much to move and increase your physical activity, eating habits need to be changed.

7.Believe in yourself: Do you feel confused about yourself? One way to reinforce your self-belief is to use affirmative sentences: Repeat simple, preferably daily, automatic verification statements as often as possible. (I can lose weight, I'm enough, I'm valuable…) I believe you can do it!

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