Mulberry or chocolate?

Mulberry or chocolate?

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When my sister Simone took my little biscuit, I hunted with the walnuts my mother bought from the nearby Turkish grocery store. Before we left Vienna, ours let me throw the cards we had in the mailbox.

Today we wanted to reach Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. But entering and leaving big cities with bisi is not easy. We had to cross over too many bridges and stairways and railways that did not allow my trailer.

On the way, we continued to see many older brothers and older sisters traveling like bisis like us. The most interesting and a half year-old boy and 3-year-old bicycle travelers who travel to Turkey for the right to meet with the girls was with a French family. My father gave this family our address. He said he'd do anything to help them from the moment they enter Turkey. They'il come to our house in Iznik in two months. I played games with these new friends. They offered me chocolate. I have done much better; I served them for the first time with mulberries and Turkish walnuts. They loved these foods, which were naturally sugary and healthy. They had a bit of a hard time to say his name because my little friend had just started to say a few words. My sister had just woken up. I'll give them more çoook dried mulberry and walnut when they come to Turkey.

Once in a while in Vienna, I miss my bisie “bisiye bingam” whining. With my blue and pacifier. In Austria, ours was happy to ride, because there were separated bicycle paths just like in Germany.

Our transition to Slovakia is a little late. My father decided to stay at a hotel in the capital Bratislava.

We settled in the hotel, which is called the Tourist Hotel, as tourists with bicycles. My mother immediately cooked us pasta and we were fed.
It didn't even take me 15 minutes to brush my teeth, make it up and dive into the land of dreams.

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August 4, 2011

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