Why do deciduous teeth decay more quickly?

Why do deciduous teeth decay more quickly?

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Although the teeth of the children are variable, they begin to emerge from the lower anterior region starting from the 6th month and the teeth of the teeth are completed at the age of 3 years. Milk teeth 'somehow will fall' with the idea of ​​not taking enough precautions against decay is a wrong idea Dentist Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu warns parents: 'Early decay of milk teeth, can affect the health of the mouth and teeth and may affect the alignment. That's why you need to care and protect the health of milk teeth as much as permanent teeth. ”

Watch the milk teeth!

Milk teeth are more prone to caries because of the fact that they contain more organic matter compared to permanent teeth. Kışlaoğlu 'Milk teeth are different from the permanent teeth and the nutritional habits of children lead to decay more quickly. Children are not able to interpret the heat / cold sensitivity and mild pain that can be seen early in caries. It is usually too late to notice the event only when there is a lot of pain. ' says.

Caries Formation Can Be Reduced With Fissure Cover

Stating that a drug that can completely prevent caries has not been developed yet, Kışlaoğlu says there are solutions that can reduce caries formation and adds: 'There are small pits called fissures on the chewing surface of molars. We can protect these pits by applying a fissure sealant. '
Fissure sealant, applied to the grooves on the back of the teeth. Cagdas Kislaoglu, 'Children do not easily clean the recesses and protrusions on the teeth to settle in these recesses, food residues and bacteria cause caries. The fissure sealant is applied to these grooves on the posterior teeth. White, transparent colored, liquid-shaped plastic material, this cover, clings to the teeth completely. In this way, the process is applied without any wear on the tooth surface and the tooth is protected against caries. ' says it is possible to reduce the formation of caries.

Will Fissure Covering Wear Over Time? What can be done to protect?

Dentist Kışlaoğlu stating that fissure can be worn over time, 'but the research has proven that the long-term stay on the surface. Frequent consumption of hard foods (such as walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.) with teeth, teeth grinding, toys, etc. made of hard material by the mouth of children by squeezing or biting the teeth or teeth will cause the fissure covers to break more quickly and fall over the teeth. The more strongly the Fissure Coverers are attached to the tooth enamel during the application phase, the longer the lifetime on the tooth. It is possible to extend the use of fissure sealers, he says.

Dentist and Prosthodontist Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu, even after the fall of the fissure sealant continued to resist the decay in the application of the tooth stating 'If you apply again within 6 months after the decay will continue to protect against caries. Fissure is very important for dental health of the sealers. However, after this application, the teeth should be brushed regularly and the children should be taken to the dentist controls routinely. ' completes his words.

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