Protect the flu with the vaccine!

Protect the flu with the vaccine!

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Is the issue of influenza, which has a lot of talk about it, especially in autumn, a lot of news about the written and visual media? If so, where does it matter? Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine Infectious Diseases Unit Professor. Dr. Serhat Ünal and Professor of Virology and Basic Immunology, Department of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology. Dr. Selim Badur flu and influenza vaccination.

: Why is flu important?
Professor Dr. Selim Badur: If you want the answer to this question World Health Organization (WHO) Let's specify the approach; WHO has been closely monitoring two infectious diseases in all countries since 1950: polio and FLU. This is due to the fact that millions of people have died due to influenza in some intercontinental outbreaks (pandemics).

: Who is more dangerous for the flu?
Professor Dr. Selim Badur: Risk groups for flu are defined;

• Seniors over 65
• All age groups with chronic (chronic) disease such as asthma, diabetes, heart, circulatory or kidney disease a FLU most sensitive people.

Children play a key role in spreading the disease in society. Children who receive the causative agent in schools, public transport, etc. carry this germ to adult individuals in their homes. Therefore, children should be considered as a risky group.

: Is flu important because it only causes death?
Professor Dr. Selim Badur: As a result of influenza agents make the environment convenient, various viruses and bacteria are added to the table. The result is unwanted conditions such as pneumonia, otitis media, sinusitis. Especially in childhood, the FLU It is known to be severe enough to require hospitalization. In addition to being fatal for risk groups, it is not an outpatient disease, which causes patients to go to bed. FLU, restricts individuals' vital activities. Given this situation, students cannot go to their schools, business people can not go to meetings. In western societies where the statistics are kept properly and the economic aspect of the issue is examined, the FLU It is calculated that it causes serious loss of workforce.

: Are you the flu or just the cold?
Professor Dr. Selim Badur:

The disease lasts for 10 daysSymptoms last 2-4 days
Usually high feverHigher fever more rare
Shivering attacksShivering attacks are rare
Muscle painsMuscle Pain Rare
Need bed restBed rest may be required
Headache (can be severe)Severe headache rare
Dry cough may turn into productiveCough lighter
Occasional vomitingVomiting rare
Risk of serious complications (pneumonia)Complication less frequently

: What is the difference between influenza and other respiratory infections?
Professor Dr. Selim Badur: Today, more than 250 agents are known to cause respiratory infections. Although they cause similar symptoms, the flu is manifested by sudden onset of high fever; In addition to this finding headache and muscle pain, colds, cough, weakness, malaise are seen. However, unlike other factors, it is not possible to survive this infection in the case of influenza viruses. from the flu it really turns people into rags and bed rest is necessary; influenza is not a disease to pass through standing.
Influenza viruses have frequent structural changes; seasonal outbreaks; If more radical, major changes take place, transcontinental pandemics occur. Another characteristic of influenza viruses is its high infectivity. A patient with influenza in a confined environment: sneezing, sneezing, coughing and spreading the virus with his hands in a short time. These viruses are known to survive in the air for about 72 hours. For example, a FLU patient was able to infect 72% of the other passengers on board during a 5-hour flight.

: What are the ways of preventing flu?
Professor Dr. Selim Badur: We have a powerful weapon against such a widespread, easily transmitted and dangerous infectious disease: Flu shot. It is a reliable vaccine with high flu vaccine protection. WHO determines the content of the vaccine produced each year and gives the fir formula ın of the vaccine to the manufacturers and the production is started. Since its structure is changed every year, the flu vaccine needs to be given every year.

: Are there any side effects of influenza vaccine?
Professor Dr. Selim Badur: In the first years of its preparation, it was used as a vaccine after the whole virus particle was inactivated; however, SPLIT vaccines, a potent immunogen, have been used to reduce side effects.
The flu vaccine is currently being prepared with viruses produced in embryonated eggs, so vaccination of those with egg allergies can be risky. No other contraindications to the influenza vaccine are known. The flu vaccine is a very tolerable, reliable vaccine. The most common reaction is mild pain and discomfort at the injection site for up to 72 hours.

: Is the flu vaccine effective?
Professor Dr. Selim Badur: There are individuals who express that they have been infected with the flu although they have received the flu vaccine which has a protection rate of 80-85%. Probably, these people who have been vaccinated have become ill with other respiratory tract infections, the number of which is 250, and they have been wrongly criticized for the flu vaccine.

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