Tips for brushing your teeth

Tips for brushing your teeth

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The first step of healthy teeth and gums begins in infancy. Children who have gained the habit of cleaning teeth have healthy teeth and gums in advanced ages. Dentist Özlem Acar, who says that having healthy teeth for a whole life is a habit of brushing teeth during childhood and makes suggestions for children to gain tooth brushing habit. To give children the habit of brushing teeth; Brush your teeth with a separate toothbrush while brushing your teeth.

How often children see you brushing teeth, you will learn by taking this habit.

Get your kids a few favorite brushes in various colors. If you can even find them, take the toothbrushes of a favorite character. Get toothpastes of different colors. Make different combinations using different pastes with each brush. This choice will increase her desire and motivation for brushing teeth. Create a tooth brushing board and mark on the board after each brushing. If the board is full at the end of a month, reward it. Place an hourglass in the bath and hold the time by turning the hourglass upside down on each scrubbing, just brushing your teeth for about 2 minutes.

Be sure to appreciate and reward him after brushing his teeth. Feed him sticky candy, chocolate, biscuits and show him how he sticks to his teeth in the mirror. Then have your teeth brushed and show him how beautiful, clean and white his teeth are in the mirror. The sooner it meets the dentist, the easier it will be to become aware. Even if her teeth are not a problem, she comes to the clinic every 6 months to help her overcome the fear of dentist and encourage her to brush and care.

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