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Increasing self-confidence of the sports boy

Increasing self-confidence of the sports boy

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Sports is an effective method to prevent obesity, which is a disease of the age and threatens individuals of all ages. It is recommended that each child is physically active for at least 1 hour per day. Individually planned sports activities help to protect the child from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases, which can be caught later in life. Even in children with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, appropriate sports are recommended. Doing sports reduces the need for medication and helps to prevent long-term harm to diseases.What can happen if he doesn't play sports?* It is possible to say that when children do not engage in sports, their ability to form healthy friendship relationships, to form groups and group work, to control their reactions to winning and losing will be gained later and to gain strength. an effective method for eliminating dilemmas and explosions in the adolescence age group could not be utilized. In addition, tolerance, communication skills, ability to use time and the ability to tackle the difficulties will develop later and more difficult. such as respiratory system discomfort korunma). Again, a method to reduce the need for drugs in children with diabetes and asthma is not used. Not doing sports may cause children with chronic illnesses to see themselves as incomplete and inadequate and mental trauma than other children. Sports is one of them.

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