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Holiday story with child

Holiday story with child

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Like the professional parents in the morning they thought about the reasons to sit down. A small summit gathered right there. They're gonna make a list of things that might bother me and start sifting them out the next night. My mom probably stands on what I eat. It is not easy to sleep anywhere else, even for adults, to eat from other kitchens. Well, I'm not even two. 🙂

In the morning we decided to cancel the breakfast at the hotel and do something ourselves. My mother prepared me a nice soup under difficult conditions. I didn't know that I was restless tonight, and that this soup was the first move against this situation. I got it all down.

We went out and continued our breakfast against the Danube. So many bees surround us. They came and came into my squeezed honey tube. My mother told me that the bee makes honey, but these bees wanted to eat honey to make honey. My father, who even took a bite to take a photograph of bees placed in a honey jar before moving away from there, had to come behind us before it was successful.

We took a break at a grocery store for lunch and to replenish our diminishing reserves. Instead of putting me in a big supermarket cart, my parents gave me a little supermarket cart that I could drive. First, I ran for a while in the large parking lot under the supervision of my father. If I entered the market without throwing a little bit of energy out of here, the elephant effect that might have entered the glassware shop could have formed inside the market. We were lucky that the incoming and outgoing was small and the parking lot was empty.

I am very excited. This is my first purchase. At first I tried to throw it into the car that I found like all the babies of my age. My father explained to me what we were going to buy, and we completed the shopping with the car he was driving, keeping it from the top. Nevertheless, I threw a butter in the car that we wouldn't actually buy between the eyebrows. We left him in the safe. My father, who took the money in my lap to give it to my sister in the safe, allowed me to drive her tiny supermarket cart to our bikes. It was a long-lasting shopping for the 3-5 things we bought, but I learned a lot and was very happy. Ours call it “opportunity training.. In order to give me a basic pattern of behavior related to boundaries and rules, this means to take advantage of it regardless of the situation.

After visiting the historical sites in Linz, which we reached today, we are standing next to a doner brother who is waving at us even though we will not stop. He wanted to chat when he saw us and the Turkish flag. Accompanied ordered with the buttermilk from Turkey, the cyclists culture of life, "au" (austria) than in life, this is the kebab for me before the bicycle he saw on television the EU I also went to Japan msn I chatted a few times because of my hair we've ever shorthand girl for you We are talking about Gürkan Abi.

The conversation is good, but we leave because the road waits for us. I'm watching the city of Linz with a little yellow train that attracts tourists. This is the most beautiful little train I've ever seen. Although I say sürekli blue vi all the time, it is actually painted in very cute yellow tones.

In the evening, the weather closes again, precipitation starts slightly. When I was on my trailer, ours had changed because of the new flood prevention constructions, but now on their route they learn that they are starting to draw zigzags to reach where we will stay.

In the meantime, a car slows down next to my father, opens the window and a friendly voice "especially if you're a Turk," he says. When the conversation turns into conversation and we understand that we can't settle down here, Metin (Taluk) says that he can stay in his own house and he wants us to continue the conversation there.

Metin brother who could not believe before seeing the Turkish flag. He thought foreign people going to Turkey still wanted to send a greeting. Then when he saw my father's mustache, he said to himself, ahu These are from us ”.

Metin is going ahead with his brother's car and waiting for us by turning on his flashers on the turns, and when we grow up, we continue this way until the next turn and reach home.

After placing the bikes and the trailer in the basement, Metin mobilizes for his guests. He's giving us everything he's got and his house. We wouldn't be able to meet her if the flood constructions we saw today didn't get us out of our way.

The great flood in 2002 changed her life from the beginning. In the last photographs of the large farms where they live with his family, Metin brother shows where the water comes from the big 2-storey building. Literally a disaster.

We saw in the construction of such a disaster to prevent the repetition of walls and sets were made. Bike paths are usually a bit confused yesterday because they continue on these sets.

The waters swept everything but could not take people's hopes away. Metin brother is still a positive person to life, a fresh person with hopes for the future. They have started all over again and continue to build their lives from scratch. We will continue on our way with the positive energy we receive from it. He says he's impressed by us and our determination.

I don't know what my parents talked to me after they put me down. I suspect a pleasant coincidence has continued for long hours as a nice chat.

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