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Are you a good example of your child?

Are you a good example of your child?

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You warn your child about everything and try to teach him what is good. But do you follow what we say?

  • You keep telling your child how nice it is to help others;but after shopping in the big markets, you're tired of putting even the shopping basket into place.
  • You often say, “Enough child, now turn off the TV!;;but every evening, you watch television until you fall asleep…
  • Whenever your child complains about his body, you tell him how cute and beautiful this is;but you're constantly struggling with your weight.

  • You tell your child to apologize if he made a mistake after a fight with his friend;but you and your partner do not involve your child in the peace after any discussion.
  • You keep saying you need to control outbursts of anger;but while you are driving, you constantly get angry with the drivers of the surrounding cars.
  • A What's wrong? Come on, tell me,; you say;but when you ask your husband every time he asks this question, you say, orsan If you don't know, there's nothing to tell!.
  • You direct your child not to compare himself / herself with others;but you often quarrel with your neighbors or friends, and even jealous of them on many issues ...
  • You advise your child to be a better listener; but every time your cell phone rings, you divide what your child tells you, no matter what he or she tells you.
  • You emphasize the importance of being able to wait your turn;but this rule is no longer valid when it comes to remote control of the television

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