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Two different activities

Two different activities

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We have two different activities for families who want to offer their children different activities at home. With the help of these activities, you will be able to spend more time with your child and support all areas of your child's development. Here are our activities…

Activity 1: Day and Night

This activity, which can be held day or night, will support all development areas of the child.

• White and black drawing papers
• Colored chalk, pastel or felt-tip pen
• tape
• Books about day and night

• Supporting small muscle development of children
• Assisting the development of language skills
• To support scientific thinking and observation skills

• Collect pictures and books with day and night images.
• Chat with your child about day and night. Read to him to increase his knowledge.
• Ask them to draw pictures about day and night.
• Make a list by assigning a day title. Ask your child to list what they know about the day.
• Ask your child to do day and night comparisons and talk about what they can do during the day. Write your answers in the list. Provide your child with white paper, crayons and felt-tip pens to help them make daytime pictures.
• Then make another list and ask your child to tell us about his or her thoughts about the night. Ask questions like nasıl How is it different from day and night “or“ Where does the Sun and Moon go when they don't show up?.
• Give your child black drawing paper and colored chalks and ask him or her to make a picture of the night. Paste the day and night pictures together with selobant. Have your child share these pictures with other family members. Display the pictures in the child's room.

Activity 2: All About Me

By supporting children to prepare a book about themselves, you can help them understand themselves and others better.

• Drawing paper
• Staples
• Pens, felt pens and pastels
• Safety scissors
• Adhesive
• Old magazines

• Preparing a book about children will help them to read, think creatively and gain social awareness.

• Tell your child that they will make a book called Her Everything About Me ”. Say you can use your own drawings in your book or use a variety of images from old magazines.
• Guide it so that it can create different pages.

This is me.
This is me and my family.
This is my animal.
This is my favorite dress.
This is my best friend.
This is my favorite dish.
This is what I want to be when I grow up.
This is my favorite thing in school.

• Offer your child the material you recommend.
• Ask your child to prepare covers for the book and provide them with the necessary materials.
• Allow your child to tell his / her book and share it with other family members.
If you have a bookshelf in your home, put it in there so that your child will understand that his or her book is being taken care of.

Source: Çoluk Children's Journal, August 2002.

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