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How does divorce affect children?

How does divorce affect children?

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Divorce, which is a psychologically shocking period for spouses, can cause the spouses to fall into the mistake of disparaging the other side due to the negative emotions brought by the separation. Psychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsen, who says that not to make this mistake, is of great importance in terms of protecting the child's psychology, continues with the following words: This situation affects children's psychology, which is severely impaired in this process. What needs to be done in the process of divorce is that couples are respectful to each other by thinking of the child. In this process, couples should strive to maintain their mother and father duties as they used to, and provide their children with a home environment in which they feel safe. ”Tell the child the reasons for divorce in an appropriate languagePsychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsen stated that the reasons for divorce should be explained in an appropriate language in order for the child to accept the divorce process and to protect her psychology and that a healthy divorce can be realized in this way. Knudsen continues: fik The most common divorce, one of the most common causes of divorce, can no longer be explained to the child in an appropriate manner, meaning that the agreement is no longer possible and that this will harm family life. During this speech, the child's psychology should be taken into consideration, and after the divorce, it should be stated that the concept of family will continue to support the parents in the same way without any damage. This will make the child feel safe. ”Recommendations to parents who are in the process of divorcePsychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsen says that the realization of divorce in a civilized and respectful manner is of great importance for both the couples and the peace of the children and advises parents who are in the process of divorce: In this process, general unhappiness and introversion are normal in children. However, if the bottom wetting, finger sucking, unhappiness and withdrawal problems last longer than 2 months, you should get help from an expert.- Close to and after divorce, spend plenty of time with your child within the possibilities. Together, the activities will exclude the child from the idea that the child has been excluded and the family is disbanded. - Children sometimes find themselves guilty of divorce. He might think his mischief is the driving force in this matter. Therefore, the words should be meticulously chosen in order not to get this idea while explaining the reasons for divorce to the child. - Do not attempt to punish your spouse as not to show the child. Otherwise, this will destroy the psychology of the child and strengthen the belief that the family is disintegrated.- If possible, do not change your child's place and school. It will be very difficult for the child who tries to adapt to the divorce process to keep up with these changes.

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