Recommendations for mothers who started working after childbirth

Recommendations for mothers who started working after childbirth

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The world's number 1 career site MONSTER, which invented the concept of online recruitment 15 years ago and has provided jobs to millions of candidates worldwide since then, offers advice to professionals who have returned to work after taking some time off.

You took a leave of absence for a while. People always do that, don't they? Of course. But you took a few weeks off. You had valid reasons for obtaining this permit, but are concerned that your absence will affect your career. Here are a few tips to make sure your absence - at least badly - doesn't affect your career:

Keep in touch

Returning to your workplace in a way that affects your career as low as possible depends to a large extent on the way you manage yourself during your absence. Keep up to date with your skills and keep in touch with colleagues by undertaking an independent project task from time to time. Kathy McDonald, career consultant and writer at Dilemma, says, olmayan You can protect your network in a non-threatening way. ”Kathy McDonald left the power battle at her company to set her career goals and never back He did not return. He says he is a member of a book club with many of his previous colleagues. He says, yanında In addition to our conversations about the book or where we can have a light dinner, I know what's going on in the company. ”

Clean Air

You may have taken this permission to have a baby, or to take care of a sick relative; as a result, there has been a change in your personal situation. You may no longer want to - or cannot - work 12 hours a day. Feel free to tell your employer. But choose your words carefully. DeAnne Rosenberg, a career consultant at Wareham, Massachusetts, and author of the book “A Manager's Guide to Hiring the Best Person for Every Job,” says DeAnne Rosenberg, iniz you should never call your employer 'my child is my primary priority'. It's like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Even if your priorities have changed, don't share it with your colleagues at work. ”

Let's say you have a meeting that starts at 5:30. Tell your employer that you want to stay but cannot attend the meeting because için you promised someone else in advance ”. Offer to prepare material in advance or attend the meeting from home.

Deliver jobs

The best way to please your boss is to produce and let him know that you are producing. Prepare a weekly project status report. List your projects, their status and the next step plan. McDonald says, ölç Measure yourself with what you do, not with the time you spend. What you do may not be intermittent, presenting at the same time as others do. A concrete, one page report will show that you have delivered the work you have received. ”
Have fun

Do not start working at maximum tempo immediately. This will cause your permission to not work. Return to a job with pleasure. If not, consider changing jobs or careers. “Ideally, you want to work for a company whose values ​​are common to your values, Mc says McDonald. En The last thing you want to do is get into a job that makes you as unhappy as your previous job. ”
Make a Change

If your old company doesn't fit your new lifestyle, make changes to your business hours. Don't think this can't be done. Some of McDonald's customers have successfully adapted to flexible working hours and half-day working hours. In the worst case, your boss won't accept it. In the best case, they will consider your proposal - after all, you had the courage to bring it up.

Just don't relax too much in the new layout you just found. Along with many things in your life, you may need to make additional arrangements to this process. Erken In solving the business / life dilemma, you can't expect everything to happen suddenly. This is like a journey. You need to create different solutions according to the new stage you are in, Mc explains McDonald.

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