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Rodeo show with your child

Rodeo show with your child

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We were surprised to see a leech climbing the inner layer of our tent from its side wall. When my father went out of the tent, when we saw leech on top of the tent, we realized how many visitors we had at night.

After wiping and drying our tent as much as possible, we lifted it to dry when the sun shines in the future. We couldn't make our breakfast and I was hungry when my snack meal arrived. We couldn't see an open market because the villages here were so small. A truck with music in one of the villages passed by the street next to us. As we can tell from the picture on it, this is a traveling patisserie. For us, it's an oasis in the desert. We're starting to eat all of it before the truck leaves. There was even milk shake in the truck. Don't touch me.

Now I was ready for my sleep. I got off my baby seat attached to my dad's iron horse and went to my trailer. Our parents hung on the pedals and continued to sweat in the heat and burn in the sun at the expense of making as much as possible while I was asleep.

When I woke up, our iron horses were among many real horses. That's a lot of luck. First, I take a little tour with the donkey, and then I pick him up and feed him to reward my good donkey. I watch horses like me who love to jump and jump. Some brothers have won trophies because they stood before falling over these jumpers. They pass us with their awards. I think the cup is full of jelly beans when it comes to prizes and win.

There are other animals here, let me count what I have seen; dogs, cats, peacocks, pheasants and rabbits I eat. I'm so happy to see it all together. I thought our people could pitch a tent here, but we're off again. He was already gathering slowly at the festival here. There's a rodeoshow here, and we're just there. In fact, if we hadn't had so many vehicles on our way from here, maybe we could have gone here without seeing it. Luckily, we're always lucky.

It wasn't easy to find a camp or hostel in Slovakia. As we approached the darkness we learned that the hotel in the town called Muzla has been closed for a long time. We began to follow the randomly written “bikecamp” on a small piece of paper that my mother saw with the tip of her eye. But the writing and signs either did not continue or we could not see.

I wonder where my dad is approaching the couple who eat in their garden while they walk around. Mış It was already here, ”he said and started laughing. I'm not saying "luck." And ours says it's my chance.
The couple left their meals and let us in through the large garden gate. The Italian family settled here after their retirement. They told us there was no room in the hostel and we could set up a tent. When we told him that we didn't want to stay in our tent, which didn't dry completely after last night, they opened their own study rooms. Our sofa could fit in the convertible there, so what would I be? The sweet hosts who were waiting for a grandchild soon loved me so much that they found and brought me the same travel cradle in our house. Oleyy, I could sleep as many times as I wanted!

While our parents were doing the settlement, my new grandpa even took me to the playground, to the pool behind the house, to the brothers and sisters who chatted by the fire and toasted something in the fire. As with every difficult day, this place is idyllic, and this is the best of all, people were brought up like Khidr.

I also played with the old dog of the house, whose back legs are more than 14 years old and now have a hard time walking. He told me he was in trouble and that he was sick, my father. Ours are surprised that I don't squeeze in love with this dog like I normally do with dogs, I'm being sensitive and I'm showing “compassion uma to this old friend, even if I don't know what it means right now.

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