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Scoop ear leads to lack of self-confidence in children

Scoop ear leads to lack of self-confidence in children

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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist who expressed the increase in aesthetic operations with the development of technology. Dr. Erol Kışlaoğlu, 4-year-old children will live in the future bucket ears corrected against psychological problems, he said. Beauty is important every period voicing Kislaoglu, birth defects in children, as well as the birth of aesthetic problems that occur after the treatment is possible, he said. In addition to the scoop-ear operation, he explained that aesthetic problems such as cleft lip, nose deformity, congenital blemish, eyelid deficiency, nail disorders, local fat accumulation on the face are an important issue. This appearance disorders, for school-age children, as a reason to be ridiculed by other children, explaining the use of Kışlaoğlu, this situation can lead to serious psychological problems in children, he said.
Aesthetic operation can be performed at any age…

Stating that there is a belief that children can not be cosmetic surgery at an early age. Dr. Erol Kışlaoğlu, gave the following information: “Aesthetic nose surgery can be done safely in children. Especially for the noses which cause respiratory distress, it is much more important not to expect advanced ages. Eliminating the aesthetic problems of children before school age, the child is very important in terms of both health and psychological aspects. a specialist should be consulted.
How to Apply Scoop Ear Operation…

Correction of the scoop ear is done within 1 hour with local anesthesia. An incision is made behind the ear, and the cartilage is sutured by providing a curl on the cartilage that will narrow the angle and bring it back to normal. In addition, the ear cartilage is fixed to the membrane of the skull behind the ear to prevent the angle from re-opening. The incision is sewn with catgut and the ear is molded with a special dressing. 3. The patient can take a bath by opening the bandages on the 3rd day. It is left open by wiping the back of the ear with oxygenated water. The patient is allowed to harden at the new angle of the cartilage by wearing a tennis band for 1 month. Edema and bruises in the ear resolve within 1 week. The patient can return to normal life on the 3rd day.

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