How should children be fed during the summer months?

How should children be fed during the summer months?

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As the weather gets hot, there are also points to be considered in the nutrition of children. Excessive water loss in the body as a result of sweating, fainting sensation, nausea, dizziness, such as health problems may occur. Ac─▒badem Maslak Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Neslihan Korkmaz gave information about how children should be fed in summer:

Babies and Children May Not Express Fluid Loss!

Parents need to be very careful because infants and children may not be able to express fluid losses. For this reason, fluid intake should be supported on days of extreme temperatures. Breast milk, water, milk, buttermilk, freshly squeezed fruit juices, herbal and fruit teas should be preferred in order to meet the increasing liquid needs with sweating.

Balanced and Adequate Nutrition in Summer

It is important to consume 3 main meals daily and not skip meals. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and breakfast includes sugar-free marmalades, low-fat cheeses, milk as a beverage, freshly squeezed fruit juices, herbal teas such as linden and rosehip. The importance of adequate and balanced nutrition should not be forgotten in summer. Meat, eggs and legumes, milk and dairy products, vegetables and fruits, bread and cereals should be consumed at every meal within the framework of the possibilities of the food in the four food groups. Desserts such as milk desserts, fruit desserts, ice cream should be preferred instead of high energy dough desserts.

Extra Care for Baby Feeding!

We should pay more attention to the food prepared for babies in the summer months. We should store the prepared foods in the refrigerator, we should not use the waited-residual foods. Meat and dairy products have a higher risk of deterioration. Outdoor food is not safe for babies unless they are prepared hygienically and properly stored.
In order to protect babies in these months, closed spoons and jars can be preferred. These products are nourishing, safe and practical for babies.

Attention to the water in the food!

Water used in meals is also very important. Water is the carrier of many microorganisms. Babies should use closed water or tap water should be boiled. In addition, raw vegetables and fruits consumed by babies should be washed with good quality water. Babies feeding, feeding, drinking water, plates, such as the appropriate ones boil, others should be cleaned immediately after feeding and thoroughly washed. Because of the influence of heat in foods now microorganisms reproduce very quickly.

Quantity in Food Not Quality!

The important point in nutrition is not how much the child eats, but what kind of foods they eat. In particular, children with low appetite should try to give foods with high nutritional quality and should not be forced for quantity. The child should be allowed to determine the amount.

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