Why do you need playgrounds for your child?

Why do you need playgrounds for your child?

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Being a big city person, living in a big city, work, shopping, home rush makes us all a little nerdy. Especially if you have a small child, baby, let alone friends, we find it difficult to spend even time for ourselves.

Istanbul is a bustling city. I think we didn't realize that time passed so fast before we had children. Birth, first smiles, when it says time to start solid formula, first words, first steps. Our children are now small people with social needs. To what extent can we, as mothers, mothers, or carers, be transmitters? Are these very precious pieces of time that we can distinguish from housework, food, shopping, working life, play one-on-one, read books? Well shared with peers games, toys and time. Can we give it to him?

Scientists say that brain development takes its lasting shape in the first decade of life. Genes are very important, but from the moment the baby is born, the warnings it receives from its environment are as important. It has been proven that the brain of a baby up to 3 years of age works 2.5 times more than an adult. So how much is it enough for us in this very special time, starting the learning process, supporting brain functions?

Game groups are the environments that initiate and support the socialization process. The earlier it starts, the more efficient it is in some countries, starting at 2-3 months. Our work with babies crawling over the past year was fantastic. This summer, I made friends with a couple, one 2.5 years old and one 40-day-old baby in the tent. They made the baby take off in a sparkling sea. I think it was incredible. Under pressure from my mother and mother-in-law, I couldn't even get my baby out of the house until she was 40. This is something that I criticize myself and still do not forgive. However, it is still very common in our society that we will protect the babies from diseases by keeping them at home.

The picture below is from the internet. A mother-baby group in the United States. The children who participated in the application were also observed in their later years and they were found to be very successful in academic terms.

15 months-24 months mother and child group started. Cem's language development is extraordinary with us on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But attention span shows all the characteristics of his age. Selin speaks less but her social development is also very good. He's already used to his teachers and friends. The foster sisters discuss the feeding and sleep patterns between them. It's been a week since the river started. He goes in, but he keeps his grandmother in custody. The weather is what we call disease air. As soon as I finish this article, I will prepare their fruits. One of their favorite times is this special time where they sit together at the table.
24-36 months mother and child group comes three days a week. We push them a little harder. We use some educational materials differently. They play in pairs now. The month of August and September is spent preparing new programs and appropriate materials. The upcoming winter doesn't scare us. We know that even if they suffer from colds, colds and small absences, we will monitor the healthy, social and individual development of all our children and live together.

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