Activities in warm weather with your children

Activities in warm weather with your children

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If you want to entertain your child, siblings or friends in warm weather, we recommend you to check out the activities we have chosen for you below. We recommend you to try these two activities that will allow children to play together and enjoy the situation, and wish you the best of your holiday with your children 🙂

1. Moving Cube:

This activity will help children to have fun while supporting their motor development.

• A square box of white papers.
• Photographs or drawings showing six different movements.
• Adhesive

• Cover the box with white paper.
• To create a moving cube, paste a picture or photo showing six different moves, such as jumping, duck walking, one on each side of the box. (Don't forget to write down what movement it describes under pictures or photos).
• Place the children in a circle around the cube.
• Throw the cube to the floor and discuss with your children what action the overlapping picture tells.
• Then make children perform the action shown in this picture with music.

2. Let's participate in the Olympics:

In this event, children can get acquainted with competition and winning.

• Colored tape, 2 or 3 chairs, table or row.
• Medals made of handcrafted paper.
• 2 or 3 pieces of square cut carpet.

• Take the children to the beginning of the prepared course. This area may consist of tracks such as jumping from one piece of carpet to the other piece of carpet, passing through or under the chairs, passing or under the table, and running around and reaching the finish line.
• You can create directions that children will follow by using tape.
• It is very important to have an adult to help children on each course, so that there are no accidents or injuries.
• Start to compete with children in groups and reward each child who finishes the track with your medals.

Source: Çoluk Children's Journal, January 2003.

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