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Is your child afraid of a doctor?

Is your child afraid of a doctor?

Atasehir Memorial Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics Uz. Dr. Esra Dolar gave information about doktor fear of doctors in children and ways to prevent them ”.

Does rehearsing with your child without a doctor reduce the fear of doctors?

Many children panic when they hear the phrase, "We're going to the doctor." Parents' worries and fears, overcrowding, and adults often talking about bad illnesses indicate that they are experiencing an unpleasant experience.

You must overcome your own fears, be honest with your child and prepare well so that going to the doctor does not turn into a frightening event
How should you prepare your child when you go to the doctor?

When you go to the doctor with your child to go shopping as natural, do not try to beautify the event in advance. If you make promises such as “Doctor will not hurt you,, you will create insecurity in your child. Tell him the doctor's gonna help him. The doctor will touch him, examine him, weigh him, measure him, and look into his ears. Better rehearse what the doctor's gonna do to him at home. All kids love playing doctor.

What should be done to get things done in the pediatrician?

• Make an appointment in advance to shorten your waiting time.
• Record your doctor's questions in writing at home, often forgetting those asked with enthusiasm.
• Go to all inspection exam appointments. Since your child is not only going to the doctor because of pain and illness during the check-up examination, the visit to the doctor is better and settles in his memory as a good experience.
• Do not comfort your child during the examination, as this will only cause unnecessary prolongations. Consolation after the examination is much more important.
• If your child is old enough to be able to provide information to the doctor, allow him or her to answer questions. In this way, a dialogue develops between your child and the doctor, which helps to build trust in your child and overcome his fears.
• If your child is able to undress on his own, only help if he really needs to. The doctor can then monitor your child's developmental status.
• Do not promise reward if your child behaves well.
What can you do to overcome the fear of your child's doctor?
• Allow your child to take his favorite toy to the office and keep it with him during the examination.
• Encourage him to look for the most comfortable position during the examination. This will usually sit on the lap of the mother. You can sit with him on the examination bed. Especially infants and young children are less afraid if they are in the arms of their mothers during the examination.
• Allow the doctor to demonstrate the correct way of holding the child; so your child does not experience uncomfortable examinations.
• Do not peel your child naked at once, let him stay on his underpants. If the child does not want to undress, proceed by opening the body part to be examined.
• Allow the doctor to give your child a small gift as a souvenir. Otherwise, a visit to a doctor should not be rewarded with great gifts or promises.