How to prevent tooth decay in children

How to prevent tooth decay in children

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Children's teeth decay more quickly than adults. They consume products such as sugar and chocolate more and cannot be as careful as adults in the care of their teeth. Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu dentist, children's milk teeth and tooth decay to slow down the treatment and application of Fissure Coverer says.

When are the first teeth seen?

Although primary teeth may be variable, they usually start at the lower anterior region after an average of 6 months and are completed at the age of 3, although they may change again. During this period, a total of 20 milk teeth are placed symmetrically in the lower and upper jaws.

What is the importance of milk teeth for oral health?

Milk teeth are the teeth that continue in the period following birth and serve until the age of cloudy. Their structure is slightly different than permanent teeth. Because everything in our body has a task and systematic, as well as milk teeth. If the primary teeth decay and retract prematurely, the side teeth will slip and there will be no room for the permanent teeth coming from the bottom, so permanent teeth will be necessary for orthodontic treatment. If they do not pull out and cause a chronic inflammation, both the calcification of the underlying permanent tooth and the general health of the child will be affected. There is also the guidance of the primary teeth from the bottom to the permanent teeth.

Why do children's teeth decay?

• Milk teeth contain more organic matter than permanent teeth, so they are more prone to caries, decay easier and faster.
• Children cannot interpret signals such as cold heat sensitivity and mild pain that can be seen early in caries. They only notice it when there is too much pain to tolerate, which may be too late.
• Children cannot pay attention to oral care as much as adults. The child's dexterity, curiosity and attitude of the parents determine the habit of brushing teeth.
• The teeth become prone to decay due to malnutrition.

Can caries be completely prevented?

A vaccine or drug that can completely prevent caries has not yet been developed, but materials to reduce the number of caries are in use today. The treatment method called fissure sealants is applied to the patients.

What is Fissure sealant?

There are small pits called “Fissure inde on the chewing surface of the molars. Fissure sealants are applied to these grooves on the posterior teeth. They are white and transparent color and are liquid-based plastic materials. It prevents the formation of caries by adhering to the enamel of the tooth and because it has a fluid consistency, it clings to the tooth grooves completely. In this way, the process is carried out without any wear on the tooth surface.

How old can this process be applied to children?

Fissure Covering treatment method can be used in permanent molars and molars from the age of 6 years. It can be applied especially in children with permanent teeth.

What is the importance of Fissure Shutter for children's oral health?

Children are more vulnerable to dental health than adults. The residues that occur after eating food in the teeth are a major factor in the formation of caries. Therefore, caries are more common in children and adolescents. It is a painless procedure since no abrasion is performed on the tooth and in children, caries formation can be slowed down more easily with this treatment method. It is an important treatment method for the healthy formation of later permanent teeth.

How do Fissure Sealants Prevent Caries?

Children cannot easily clean the recesses and protrusions on the teeth. Food residues and bacteria also settle in these recesses, causing teeth to decay. Because the fissure sealers are liquid and fluid, they can reach the deepest point of the small pits called Fissür on the chewing surface of the molars and block these areas and prevent the adherence of food residues and bacteria.

Will Fissure Coverers wear out over time? What can be done to protect?

Fissure Coverings can wear out over time. However, research has proven that it can remain on the tooth surface for a long time. Frequent consumption of hard foods (walnuts, hazelnuts, etc., such as tooth breakage), teeth grinding, toys, etc., made of hard materials by the mouth of the child by squeezing or biting with the teeth causes Fissure Coverers to break more quickly and fall over the teeth. The more strongly the Fissure Coverers are attached to the enamel during the application phase, the longer the lifetime on the tooth. The compliance of the child to the treatment is an important factor when applying sealants. Fissure The applied teeth are more resistant to decay than other teeth even after the covers are dropped. If it is reapplied within 6 months after the fall, protection against caries will continue. Fissure is very important for dental health of the sealers. However, after this application, the teeth should be brushed regularly and the children should be taken to the dentist controls routinely. ”

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