Cancer patients can also have children!

Cancer patients can also have children!

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With advances in early diagnosis and treatment methods, survival rates increase after cancer treatment and patients start a new life. However, patients who say hello to their new life after cancer treatment and want to have children, sometimes with the effect of the treatment they have seen can not realize these requests. Neolife Medical Center Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Gonca Saraç, "Reproductive function of the necessary measures to be taken before treatment, women and men can give children the chance to have a future." He says. There are different options for prevention of infertility for women, men and even pediatric patients; however, some of these options are considered to be routine and effective, while others are still under investigation.Freezing storage of sperm: It is a very effective method to remove the sperms of the patient and freeze them before starting cancer treatment; however, it is very important to do this before treatment. Because even after a single dose of sperm, sperm quality and sperm DNA structure can be impaired.
Freezing the testicular tissue and then applying it back to the body: This subject is currently only experimentally applied. Freezing storage of the embryo: Freezing storage of the embryo, a routine and established method of preserving infertility. an alternative method for cryopreservation. Relocation of the ovary: Relocation of the ovaries if lower abdominal irradiation is to be performed for cancer treatment. However, it is not always possible to protect the ovaries because of radiation scattering.
Preventive gynecological surgery: Method of removal of cervix as a cervical sparing surgery in the first stage of cervical cancers. In the treatment of gynecological cancers other than cervical cancers, less radical surgery is often applied to the reproductive organs to protect fertility. For early-stage ovarian cancers, only cyst removal from the ovary is recommended.
The method of freezing ovarian and testicular tissue currently under investigation; In the future, it is noteworthy that children who have not yet reached puberty can be protected from the chance of having children while receiving cancer treatment.

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