Fat children may be at risk of stones

Fat children may be at risk of stones

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Yeditepe University Hospital Head of the Department of Urology. Dr. Kemal Sarıca, In recent years, as in the world in our country, overweight children in the kidney and urinary tract, increasing the risk of stone formation is emphasized.

As in the whole world, the number of fat children in our country is increasing. Inactivity and fast-food nutrition increased by factors such as obesity, as well as being a disease that needs attention, also invites other diseases.

Yeditepe University Hospital Head of the Department of Urology. Dr.Kemal Sarıca, early childhood fatness, the child's adulthood, said that preparing a negative infrastructure, “It is very important that families are aware of this issue. Because fat children develop later and sexually mature later. According to studies, obesity also increases the risk of stone formation in the urinary tract. ”

Dr. Sarica, in scientific research, the relationship between excess weight and the increase in the frequency of urinary stone disease, says:

Kapsamında In recent years, the consumption of foods rich in animal protein, refined carbohydrates and salt has increased, and the amount of fluid taken has decreased and this type of nutrition has increased the risk of stone formation in the urinary tract. Studies among stone patients show that the number of overweight people is increasing each year. ”

Families fall for business

Professor who wants to draw the attention of parents to this hidden danger in children. Dr. Dr. Kemal Sarıca, in the last 5 years, followed by increasing the overweight of stone patients in childhood stone disease states that explains what to do:

“First, families should be aware that obesity is an important problem in children. But many families encourage my child to eat more by saying 'I am a chubby child, a lion child'. He doesn't control how the child eats at school and outside. The child needs to drink and make it a habit. It is important to get dietary support if the child is obese. Another important issue is inactivity. A number of crystal stones formed in the still body cause stone formation. Families should accustom their children to an active lifestyle. Parents also need to know that obesity in children is extremely important for sexual development. In order to reduce the risk of stone formation in overweight children, chances of medication should be used in addition to changing the diet. Biçim

Recommendations for parents

- Children should make it a habit to drink water.

- Children should eat regularly.

- Fastfood diet should be avoided.

- Children should not stay still, especially children who stay at the computer and television are very prone to fatness. Therefore children should be directed to sports.

- If necessary, dietician support should be taken.

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