Second Month of Pregnancy

Second Month of Pregnancy

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In the first week of the month, your curiosity began to increase as the menstrual day is delayed. You
There is only one method that will save pregnancy test. Your test now
will give the correct result. So how do we understand that? In the second month of pregnancy
now your baby is placed in the uterus secreted HCG hormone increases.

No more testing to satisfy curiosity
When you did, you received the good news; The result is positive! This month, both
a process in which you experience the joy and try to adapt to pregnancy
it will be. Now you are at the beginning of a period where you have to take care of yourself. Your
In this month you are trying to adapt to pregnancy, which development of your baby
will go through stages?

In the second month of your pregnancy
your baby is now settled into the uterus and started the development process
We can say. Your baby began to develop in the womb. Well your uterus
What happens first when it settles and develops? Firstly
cells take their place to form organs. The first stage of development
formation of organs. Cells in the uterus according to which organ will form
they started to migrate.

At the end of this process
the fifth week of your pregnancy completes the formation of your baby's heart and
starts to throw. Then before you know your information in the fifth week of your pregnancy
all organs, including the brain, are in the process of completing their formation.

In the sixth week, you still have
the ring you will see when you look at the ultrasound while experiencing the astonishment and happiness
in the form of a pouch. Next to what we call a pregnancy sac
Over time the embryo begins to appear. So in the sixth week your baby's heart
You will be able to follow the shots.

Now your baby's heartbeat
you can get more used to your new life.

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