Intelligence test in pregnancy

Intelligence test in pregnancy

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Popularly known as intelligence test and during pregnancy
Tests such as dual test, triple test, quadruple test for prenatal
screening tests. The real name of these tests is prenatal screening tests or down syndrome screening tests. (prenatal screening tests)
These tests do not directly measure the intelligence level of the baby. The unborn baby
There is no test that measures the level of intelligence. However, these tests are chromosomal
anomalies and mental retardation. This
tests help to identify some diseases that will make mental retardation
It happens. If the test results are normal, the baby's intelligence will be a problem.
precisely. On the other hand, the chromosomal
anomalies, many diseases that can lead to mental retardation in the baby

What are the types of intelligence tests?

Double at 11 or 14 weeks of pregnancy
The test is done at the next triple test and quadruple test of pregnancy at 16 and 20.
weeks. In addition, the nuchal thickness of the baby when performing a double test
is also measured.

For today, both the same mother and the dual test
It is argued that it is not necessary to request a triple test. Nape thickness
and the dual test (1st trimester test) was more successful.
and because it has less margin of error and is made earlier
is preferred. Pregnant women who miss the test time, the triple test
will be enough.

Twin test for twin, triplet and other multiple pregnancies,
triple test, quadruple test, is not applied because it does not give successful results. that
instead of these pregnant women, the nuchal thickness (NT) measurement for screening purposes
will be an adequate method.

As with every test, error in these tests
There is a possibility. Even if the results appear normal, the baby may actually become ill.
possibility. Of course, this can be reversed. So even if there is a risk
after birth the baby may not have any problems. Please also note
that; the correct display rate of the tests is higher than the incorrect display rate.

In multiple pregnancies, double, triple, quadruple tests
is not applied because it does not give successful results. Mostly only nape
thickness is measured.

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