Recommendations for spring pregnant women

Recommendations for spring pregnant women

Ani weather
Allergies and seasonal diseases caused by change, the most common of pregnant women
One of the problems he came across. in addition to the natural beauty of spring
as well, the negative aspects of this season should be noted.

in Season
With increasing temperatures, you can
You must increase. 2-3 liters of liquid will suffice. Water and salt content
therefore, you can consume buttermilk without exaggeration. Increased fruit during these seasons
and vegetable options to improve your mineral and vitamin needs
You can meet. Strawberry, parsley and capsicum in plenty of vitamin C
It contains. Tomatoes and peaches contain a vitamin A. High amounts of pulp found in vegetables and fruits
helps prevent constipation problems encountered. During this period, excessive fat,
you should avoid foods such as sugar and frying.

the Air
the simplest exercise you can do in the spring,
is to walk. Other than that, swim plenty if you have the opportunity. Slides
swimming will be very good for you unless you use it and jump into the pool.
In addition, with light aerobic exercises you can do at home, your blood circulation
Accelerates, can relieve your back and back pain.

edema seen in the legs and feet during the process
be able to. During these months, you should consume plenty of water against payment. Reduction of swelling
You don't have to stand too much for it. For mothers who exercise, this
swellings are less common. Also replace tight pants and tight stockings
you should choose more abundant clothes.

Spring allergies

In the summer, the amount of pollen begins to increase. It's not just pregnant women.
allergic affects all people in a negative way. Pregnant mothers with allergic structure,
they should stay away from allergic environments. If you are allergic
If you are a pregnant woman, you should wear your clothes
Replace places as far away from your bedroom as possible and on your body
Take a shower to get rid of the pollens found. If the air is dry and well
if it is windy, try not to go out as far as possible. In spring allergy,
sneezing, redness, congestion, itching
If you feel the need to consult your doctor.

Spring fever

Seasonal returns
fatigue is also common in pregnant women, and spring
therefore, a little tired of expectant mothers. To get over spring fatigue;
Do yoga or pilates walking in the fresh air in the morning and evening. Than yourself
trying to devote more and more quality time to your home and work
Try to reduce as much as possible.