When does the mother's belly begin to grow?

When does the mother's belly begin to grow?

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Almost the most frequently asked questions of mothers
at the beginning, 'When does my stomach begin to grow?' is the question. These questions
the reason they ask is that they want to feel that the baby grows and develops.
but the growth of the baby is not directly proportional to the growth of the abdomen. the Karni
growth varies according to mothers. The abdominal region is not swollen or
of non-older mothers of overweight babies, mothers with big belly
the baby may be weaker.

begin to grow abdomen per week?

That the expectant mother is pregnant and that her belly becomes clear.
To understand the average 20th week is required to finish. But the expectant mother
height, weight, etc. This condition changes with genetic body structure such as
It can vary. Some mothers in the naked body on average 17. Week
the abdomen may become prominent. Abdominal growth is as important as the expectant mother
it is not an important situation. The size of the abdomen where the baby develops or is very healthy
body structure of each individual.
Since the size of the abdomen also varies.

If the expectant mother becomes late
is this a problem?

The structure of the uterus as well as the body structure of each expectant mother
also the shape is also different from abdominal postpartum infants posture position
may occur.

According to the mother's abdominal swelling
Can the sex of the baby be learned?

Commonly in our country, the mother's tummy
it is estimated that the baby is a boy or a girl, depending on the roundness.
There is no truth in the medical world. This is known to the public and
it is based only on guessing.

With the growth of the abdomen outward
Causes Belly Button Appears?

In most mothers, due to uterine growth during pregnancy
The pressure in the abdomen is increasing. In this case, flattening of the navel may be seen,
the navel can be projected outward. Therefore, this is usual.
But if the belly button is too large, if you feel too much swelling
hernia, and in such cases
You should consult.

Whether the abdomen starts to grow
It is important that you do not worry about the situation yourself.
When the pregnancy is over and you hold your baby,
and your belly button will return to normal.

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