Exercise after pregnancy

Exercise after pregnancy

During pregnancy, all expectant mothers gain weight. This
weight of the mother before pregnancy and body weight
According to the structure is important to take in a proportionate way. Therefore, the mother
Candidates need to be balanced during pregnancy. Specialist in the field
The physician should take the advice of the doctor.

Irregular during pregnancy and not paying attention to nutrition
It will not be easy to lose the excess weight gained by mothers. Already
complete weight loss during pregnancy and the mother's old body
will be about 9 months. However, mothers who gained excess weight during pregnancy, 9
At the end of the month will continue to try to lose weight again. During the postpartum period
both the baby coming out of the womb and the internal waste from the body slowly
By throwing, you are given about 5 pounds.

From the beginning of this period to lose weight after birth
attention should be paid. A balanced diet during pregnancy is the most
important factor. During this period, the more regular and healthy nutrition the mother
candidate, after pregnancy will also experience ease in losing weight.

After the postpartum period, the mother was
diet program may begin to implement. However, when dieting, exercise
If you do both healthy and regular way to lose weight.

After pregnancy
exercise program;

1-Lie on your back and lay your feet on your hips
Pull. In this way, turn right and left on your hip. Once in a while
relax by stretching your legs and avoid tired yourself.

2-Lie on your back and lay your arms sideways, in a vertical
format. Then, while crossing your arms,
exhale. Breathe slowly while lowering your arms. In this exercise
your breath in a slow and controlled way.

3-After lying on your back, one leg towards your chest
Pull. Grasp your leg firmly with both hands and towards your chest
Press. Stretch your hip and abdominal muscles, lower back
Press. Get up and relax and do the same for your other leg.

4-Stretch your knees after lying on your back and stop.
Keep your soles on the ground and your arms open. In this way
Trying to get up, supporting your shoulders. Count up to six like this
and return to the starting position.

5-Lie down on your back and place your leg at right angles.
Lift up your hips. Repeat for the other leg.
When you feel good, you can do this without forcing yourself.
Do this by lifting your leg together.