7. months in pregnancy

7. months in pregnancy

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You have left six months of pregnancy behind. At this stage
Your complaints of fatigue gradually increase. Back and waist areas
may be pain.
As your hormones begin to change, your vaginal discharge increases. Pain in the hand and fingers
and contractions may be felt. Attention should be paid to possible pregnancy poisoning. Hands, feet and
excessive swelling, rapid weight gain, frequent and multiple headaches, vision
disorder, high blood pressure.
you should contact your doctor immediately. You may have irregular contractions in your rapidly growing uterus. Leg
cramps, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, skin cracks, back and back pain, edema of the feet, burning in the stomach and indigestion are more common in the third trimester.

Sugar water test between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy,
1 hour glucose
It should be done. glucose
screening for mothers with more than 140 mg / dl. 4-hour loading test with glucose. According to the result, pregnancy-related diabetes is diagnosed and the result is analyzed.
by treatment
It is started.

If you have problems such as blood mismatch, that is, if the mother's blood type is RH negative, it will affect your baby's blood in your body.
You must be vaccinated to prevent the formation of antibodies. If the blood type of your baby is found to be RH positive, you should be vaccinated again after birth.

Contractions as menstrual period 1
Within 4-5 times
recurrence, water comes from the vagina, if you have bloody currents premature birth possibility
it could be the subject. Immediately
your doctor
You should contact
such cases
uterine contractions and your baby's heartbeat can be seen on a graph, if necessary, the result is achieved by vaginal examination.

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