Uterine Wall Thickening Before and After Pregnancy

Uterine Wall Thickening Before and After Pregnancy

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Thickening of the uterine wall, it can be briefly described as being above the normal thickness of the wall for various reasons. In fact, every woman's cervical wall thickens until menstruation and bleeding occurs and if there is a pregnancy, bleeding does not occur and the cervical wall remains thick.

If there is excess cervical wall thickness before pregnancy, it should be treated as this may prevent pregnancy.

The reasons other than pregnancy will be discussed in detail below.

Uterine Wall Thickening in Pregnancy

During sexual intercourse, fertilization occurs when one of the sperms in the vagina is combined with the egg in the uterus. The fertilized egg also multiplies and becomes a small punch. Meanwhile, the expectant mother the uterus wall thickens for better feeding.

The small ball of cells then becomes a baby and is buried in the wall of the uterus to feed, where it continues to live. This baby lives in this way in the first weeks when it occurs. Then, with the hormones of the mother, an area consisting of the mother's veins and the cells of the baby in the uterus muscle emerges. During a pregnancy period of approximately two hundred and eighty days, the spouse is fed with a cord to the baby's belly, which is connected to the belly of the baby in the uterus.
A monthly hormone secreted from the ovaries, the uterus on average the first fourteen days of the menstrual cycle
thickens the layer.

This situation arises in order to create a comfortable environment for the development of the baby in case of pregnancy.

Uterine Wall Thickening Outside Pregnancy

In the absence of pregnancy, menstruation is seen, thickening of the inner membrane is also thrown out. This cycle
if it deteriorates, the thickening of the uterus grows and may become permanent. As a result, a problem called omet Endometrial Hyperplasia ır begins. This means that the uterus thickens more than normal. Liver diseases, excess estrogen, overweight and tumors of hormonal origin can be cited as the reasons for this.

Whatever the type, the problem of cervical thickening needs to be treated.

Because this disease, if spawnedcan be treated by dissolving the underlying causes. However, if the condition is caused by obesity and obesity, the expectant mother should immediately go to a dietician and start to lose weight. After treatment, the person should be strictly monitored and examined by taking a sample from the uterus for control.

Abortion and drug therapy in maternal reproductive age ninety percent successful results. In Type A Hyperplasia, surgical intervention is urgently needed in women who are mostly in menopause.
When the menepause period is over, the most accurate method is to remove the uterus. These patients who want to have children and are in reproductive age should be treated very carefully. After the end of birth to mothers, usually the uterus
is recommended.

How to tell the thickness of the uterine wall?

There are many symptoms, but in general we can group them under the following headings:

  • Excessive bleeding during menstrual periods
  • Menstrual delays
  • Sudden hot flashes
  • Feelings of pain during sexual intercourse
  • Skin pimples and blemishes
  • Abnormal increase in body hair

These symptoms in general damages of uterine wall thickeningd.

How Does Uterus Wall Thickness Go?

For treatment, you should first consult your doctor. There are some methods of investigation, but none of them is a permanent solution.

  • Castor Oil Massage: You can reduce your pain by massaging your pelvic area and abdominal area for 10-15 minutes.
  • Ice Bag: You can support the thinning of your uterine wall by waiting the ice bag for 10 minutes.
  • Fish oil: We can say that omega-3-derived foods are good for cervical thickening. Therefore you can get support from fish oil.

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