Exercise after pregnancy

Exercise after pregnancy

If you have had an active life during the
when you feel and get your doctor's approval

Slimming and Pregnancy


postpartum exercises, bleeding, breastfeeding effects, such as
you can start when you get rid of it.

that when you start the exercises, there are already things
You'll see. These exercises, with slow movements, without forcing you too much
There will be movements that round up.

followed by exercises with balanced diet to lose weight,
both will make you lose weight and your body deteriorates during pregnancy
round up and shape. So your body will look firmer and stronger.

If you have given birth, even if you feel good exercises immediately
To start. Because of the stitches in your body,
why could it be. Have a little more rest and rest for the exercises. if
If you have delivered a caesarean section and your doctor checks are normal,
then you can start the sport.

remember that the time to start is also important. After dinner
Wait a few hours and start.

As it is the easiest and most recommended exercise in pregnancy
It is walking. Just walk for half an hour during the day
It will be. If you say im I should also strengthen my abdominal muscles,, once a day
you can sit up and tighten your abdomen as much as you can.
You can also do other exercises that run your back, arms and legs.
Your most work in terms of restoring the body after birth
The required areas are abdomen and waist. Jogging every day or two
and the shape of the abdomen is very effective. Running treadmill or
you can also outside. Other than these exercises are most useful after birth
Sport is swimming. If you are going to swim, make sure that the pool you enter is clean.

woman prefers to use corset after childbirth. More of your day in corset
Recovers. The use of corset has no benefit or harm in getting fit. if
If you use, do not stay on you for more than 2 hours a day.

To these
Although you can not go back to your normal weight, and if you are gaining weight and sugar,
blood pressure without consulting your dietician and doctor.
Do not start the exercises.