Use of Sunscreen in Pregnancy

Use of Sunscreen in Pregnancy

Prospective mothers There are some reservations about whether or not to use sunscreen in summer. Whether or not to use sunscreen cream can be important in every period of our lives.

In summer, sunny weather can be overwhelming and factors such as temperature burn the skin and cause certain damage. In this kind of weather, it is usually also possible to protect the skin from sun damage. sun creams used. This is the case in pregnancy, as it is in every period. Women need to be protected more than sunburn, especially during pregnancy. It cannot be said that it is very reliable for pregnancy due to some substances found in sun creams. Therefore, the use of some sun cream during pregnancy should be avoided.

Most of the mothers' skin becomes sensitive during pregnancy. Thus, their skin reacts more to the sun than normal individuals. In this case, pregnancy mask on skin called reaction occurs. Intense brown spots are called a pregnancy mask.

Sun During PregnancyIs rmi safe to use?

During this period, expectant mothers should be careful to protect their skin especially against skin spots. Therefore, the selection of sunscreen should be done well. Pregnant women are advised to use at least 30 factors of sunscreen during pregnancy. However, not all sunscreen creams on the market may be reliable for pregnancy and this can be harmful to the baby.

When you buy sun cream, you should definitely look at the ingredients. In; You should not use sunscreens that contain substances such as homosalate octocrylene and oxybene. These substances may cause irritation to your already sensitive skin and may cause an allergic reaction.

You should apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going to the beach or going out on the street. If you are going to be in the sun for a few hours, you can apply your sunscreen again in 2 hours Because of hormonal changes in mothers, skin fatification may increase. This can cause skin problems. So if you use skin cream in the summer, it is best to use sunscreen that does not contain oil. Your health and enjoy your abundance.