Attention to these drugs when breastfeeding

Attention to these drugs when breastfeeding

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The most curious and worried of nursing mothers
issues include whether or not the drug he drank when he became ill.
In fact, it should never be used or for the health of the mother
the number of medications that should be used and weaning the baby is small.

Vitamins and Minerals

Many vitamins and minerals during pregnancy,
use of normal doses.
it is not a problem.

Pain Relievers

Pain such as Minoset-Parol, Nurofen-Artiril, Apranax, Aprol
cutters or antipyretics, breastfeeding process can be used easily.


Drugs with penicillin and derivatives; Penadur, Pronapen,
Pen-os, Duocid, Combicid, Sulcid,
Augmentin, Chlamox, Bioment, Amoclavin,
Amoxylav, Klacid, Macrol, Erythrocin,
Zitromax, Azitro, Azro, Rocephine, Novocef, Forcef, Iecef,
Unacefin, Cephaxon, Zinnat, Cefatin, Cefaks, Oraceftin, Enfexia,
Medications such as Zimax, Serozil, Fortum, Iesetum are easily

Allergy medications

Because there is not much information about allergy drugs
medicines recommended in cases of hives or hay fever; Alarin, Claritine,
Transition of Loratadine containing drugs such as Loradif, Loritine and Ritin to milk
It is below 1%. However, you should still consult your doctor before using such medications.
do not forget to apply.

Medications for epilepsy

Tegretol and its equivalents, Epanutin, Hidatin, Convulex, Depakin
medications such as can be used during lactation. But side effects such as drowsiness
Due to the baby should be constantly monitored. Phenobarbital-containing drugs are high
and it is therefore not recommended to be used.


Side effects of drugs used for depression
therefore, the baby should be monitored continuously and should not be used unless required.

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