Pregnancy after 3 months of needles

Pregnancy after 3 months of needles

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Convenient and easy birth control for various reasons
effective and easy for those who cannot find the method
needles are effective protection. Mostly used in the world three-month needle
also known as “depo-provera”.

Three-month protection needle; contraceptive
or because it is forgetful, the spiral is not suitable or spiral
Suitable for.

Depo provera, egg cell development in ovaries and
prevents pregnancy by preventing ovulation.

In addition, the endometrium structure and the ability to move the tubes
Ovulation by changing and fertilization occurs even if this pregnancy product uterus
do not settle. Its protection is around 99%.

Intramuscular injection every 90 days
It applied.

Three-month protection needle is a long and effective method
There is no stress in pregnancy in every relationship. Pregnancy after 3 months of needles
18 months at the latest.

What are the risks?

Side effects of three-month protection needle, other protection
It is slightly more intense than the methods. This method of protection
causes serious menstrual irregularity in the first year of use.
Among these irregularities, the most frequent intermediate bleeding and spotting may occur.

Apart from this, the woman will be
It can be cut. There are also people who do not have menstruation for 12 months after an injection.
Or vice versa, women with continuous bleeding for 3 months

Side effects of injection include headache, appetite
sexual desire with increased, anxiety, stomach pain, abdominal cramps, dizziness
loss. Pregnancy because the needle slows the movement of the tubes
If it occurs, it is likely that it is an ectopic pregnancy.

Women who suspect they are pregnant
must use. In addition to those with prior breast cancer, paralysis
sufferers, those with vascular disease and women with liver disease
may be harmful.

Using a three-month protection needle
not to consult a doctor who is an expert in the field, on his recommendations
will be a more accurate move.

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