Postpartum Itching

Postpartum Itching

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After birth almost everyone lives mild itching is natural and can be reduced by simple measures. However, if the itching is severe and persistent, the liver should be checked. Because the bile flow due to pregnancy is slowed down and the bile salts accumulated from the liver to the skin reveal itching. Under normal conditions, bile salts are produced in the liver and accumulated in the gallbladder, then secreted into the small intestine for use in the digestion of nutrients.

During pregnancy, this system does not function fully and bile salts accumulate first in the liver and then through other organs. As a result, itching occurs. This is called pregnancy cholestasis. This pruritus that occurs in the last four months of pregnancy usually resolves after birth.

your pregnancy during the last four months it usually intensifies at night and occurs in the form of a continuous itch. The severity of itching may increase from the palms and soles. If the itching is mild, you should pay attention to the choice of clothing. Avoid wearing especially tight clothing. Because tight clothing intensifies skin friction and causes irritation. For this reason, you should choose comfortable and plenty of clothes. You should make sure that the fabrics that will come into contact with your skin are not wool and synthetic, but cotton products.

In a cool environment and taking a warm bath often relaxes the skin. In this way, itching sensation is also reduced. Following the bath, the use of any type of moisturizer containing substances to reduce itching is effective in reducing itching. It is worth noting that mild itching does not harm both the mother and the baby.

However, if you are still uncomfortable, tell your doctor and seek help from a dermatologist if necessary. In the case of severe itching, taking the same precautions will again be effective in reducing itching. For pregnancy cholestasis, liver functions should be examined with blood tests. Your doctor will perform weekly or biweekly blood tests to monitor pregnancy cholestasis.

As a result, mild itching during and after pregnancy is common. However, in cases of skin rash and itching intensified, you should consult your doctor and go to a dermatologist. It would be appropriate for the gynecologist and dermatologist to evaluate the problems together and draw a roadmap.


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