Babyology 2016 sessions filled the eye with

Babyology 2016 sessions filled the eye with

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In the sessions of the Babyology 2016 Conference, which was held in Lütfi Kırdar for the second time this year, she guided the participants and physicians and celebrities who are curious about the subjects about pregnancy and 0-4 age period.

Halil Erdoğmuş Opening Speech
Babyology Conference 2016 started with the opening speech of ebebek General Manager Halil Erdoğmuş. In his opening speech, Erdoğmuş introduced ebebek's new project Tik & Tak cartoon characters to their parents.Being the Mother of Modern AgeIn this session, ana Being the Mother of the Modern Age olan, which is the main theme of Bebekoloji 2016, was discussed with business women and mothers, all of whom are known and known in their fields. Emphasis was placed on being a mother from the eyes of working mothers and the advantages and disadvantages of being a working mother were emphasized. The participants in this session were writer and psychologist Pınar Mermer, Businesswoman and Newspaper Writer Ayşe Kucuroğlu, TAV Airports Holding Vice President and CFO Burcu Geriş, MCD Media President and Founder Partner of Life Time Esra Oflaz Güvenkaya, Marie Claire Advertising Group Vice President Işıl Baysal Turan 'di.

Pregnancy in All AspectsThe first of the Pregnancy Sessions started with a session called Pregnancy in All Aspects. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist at Yeditepe University Hospital Dr. Dr. Cem Fıçıcıoğlu, Sakarya University Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist and Perinatologist Prof.. Dr. Dr. Selcuk Ozden, Central Hospital Psychologist Aycan Bulut and Demet Tuncer with the participation of the session was held in general, pregnancy was discussed in the psychological dimension and experiences.
Pregnancy Is Not Disease
The speaker of the session, where pregnancy is a natural process and the processes that the mothers may be concerned about, is conveyed to the audience. Dr. Süleyman Engin Akhan. Before the pregnancy, some of the complications that might occur in the expectant mother will affect the pregnancy process, and when to worry about the issues found in the session.

Baby's First Days and BreastfeedingAmerican Hospital Pediatric Specialist Aylin Şimşek gave information to the audience about breastfeeding and baby care which is one of the most important issues in the first days of the baby. Specialist psychologist Selcen Akdan the baby's parents in the first days of the psychological aspects of how a process told expect.

Birth Methods
Gynecology and Obstetrics from Liv Hospital. Prof. Deniz Gökalp and Assoc. Dr. Arda Lembet and Blogger Duygu Şenyürek shared their thoughts and opinions on these issues with their mothers.

Sleeping in Babies with J&J
Sleep, which is one of the most important topics that children, especially newborns, are working on in the future, was discussed with Sleep Advisor Pınar Sibirsky, Psychologist Gülçin Karadeniz and Author Azra Kohen in 2016.

Duracell and the Endless BatteryWith the participation of Pedagogue Gözde Erdoğan and Child Development Expert İlknur Güven, Duracell and the Endless Pace Session session, how to become an adequate parent, how parents should be active in children's play processes, what kind of toys should be given to children at what age clarified many issues he was curious about.

Safe Travel with Child
Klinilk Child Health and Diseases Specialist Gülnihal Şarman and de Vlogger İrem Güzey'in session, especially when using the car seat, what should be paid attention to, unknown about the car seat, safe and accurate travel with children, such as what precautions can be taken to focus on.

Nutrition and anorexic children in childrenNutrition period, which is one of the most important stages of physical development of children, Ender Saraç, Liv Hospital Pediatrics Specialist Prof. Dr. Seza Baykan and Clinical Psychologist Sevil Yavuz. The future impact of childhood nutrition, the role of breastmilk on immune and brain development and the psychological aspects of this process were discussed.

Closing; View Nil's Full Profile
The closure of Bebekoloji 2016 took place with Nil Karaibrahimgil. Nil Karaibrahimgil, who shared her motherhood experience with the audience, wrote a spontaneous song with 3 words from the audience. The most important feature of this song for Nil Karaibrahimgil was that it was his first composition for an unborn baby.

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