What products can I consume if my baby has diarrhea?

What products can I consume if my baby has diarrhea?

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Diarrhea causes water loss in infants as in adults. Especially in the first year, it is very important not to stop breast milk during this period if it is thought that it meets the need of liquid from breast milk in children. Because of diarrhea water loss, breast milk cannot meet the required amount of water. Therefore, the baby can be given additional water under the supervision of a specialist. For infants who have switched to supplementary food, care should be taken to provide watery foods with breast milk. There are also diarrhea treatments for infants who have passed on additional food. Rota virus is one of the viruses known to cause diarrhea. It occurs in children 4-5 years. Fever, vomiting and diarrhea are the most prominent symptoms. Rota virus is usually transmitted by food. Varieties given to babies who go to additional food should be increased gradually. A food that the baby is not accustomed to can cause diarrhea. During the transition to supplementary foods, foods with allergic reactions and intolerance of the child should be learned. Children who take breast milk will defecate after each meal. Feces are sometimes watery and green. Diarrhea is a baby will make a bloody defecation with mucus. In this case, babies should be breastfed more frequently. If you take additional food, you can switch to solid food for a while. Depending on the amount of water lost, additional water may need to be given. In case of food poisoning, your baby may show a vomiting reaction. In this case, your baby may have eaten past day food. In this case, it is recommended to consult a doctor urgently. When diarrhea occurs in children older than 2 years, recommendations for the treatment of diarrhea are as follows; salted crackers, boiled potatoes, carrots, rice, bread, toast, banana and apple puree. In the amount of water lost, additional liquids such as sugar solutions or ors (Oral rehydration liquid) may be administered by expert advice. Salts, potassium and sugar are in the ors. If the child is pooped with blood and mucus, if there is vomiting and high fever, a doctor should be consulted. You should wash your hands frequently with soapy water. You can get support from a specialist in feeding baby

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