Happy Future Workshop Brings children together with nature in the forest

Happy Future Workshop Brings children together with nature in the forest

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Happy Future Workshop, Forest Trips are organized every month within the scope of production workshops. The forest is used as a private area for these trips. Parents worried that children will disappear in the forest, aside from children, children do not go out of this area determined by trees, play for hours with pleasure, move, run, sometimes sing hand-in-hand circles and sing songs at the foot of the trees bazen Especially Denmark, Finland and abroad The return of exemplary practices in Germany, studies on this subject and scientific researches revealing the benefits of children's involvement in nature tell us that children should be in as much open space as possible. They have been working with all their senses to discover and discover information, and of course, they do a great collaboration. They develop countless solutions and develop their creativity to solve the problems they face.

General approach of Happy Future Workshop

Early childhood is the period where the foundations of future success are laid, so the goal of Happy Future Workshop is to provide the skills that the child will need to learn this knowledge rather than academic knowledge (numbers, colors, and letters) in pre-school period. In an educational environment where the child will learn by playing, loving and having fun without interfering with his / her life, • To feed the child to discover new information by triggering his curiosity, • To support the social, emotional and academic development areas, • To raise awareness about what is happening around him, • Creative Thinking (Problem Solving and Decision-making skills.

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