How do toys affect children's development?

How do toys affect children's development?

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Does it shape the child's character?
Children actually give messages to their parents with the toys they choose and play. While making toy selections, supportive and instructive choices should be made to support the child's intelligence development. Educational toys help children get to know themselves and their environment as well as fun. When these toys are selected according to the age and skills of the children, their effects on the development of the children are clearly seen.

Do toys make gender classification to children?
When choosing toys, let your children play with all kinds of toys and imitate the roles of their loved ones with these toys without distinction between boys and girls.

Parents in particular are concerned about boys playing with girls' preferred toys. On the other hand, girls may not be so worried about playing with the toys their boys prefer. However, prohibiting boys from playing with toys preferred by girls may cause problems.

Both girls and boys should have house toys in their lives because children have both parents and men. There is nothing more natural than a boy trying to cook with toy pots by imitating his mother. But as a parent, if the child is called erkek playing with the girl's toys you are a boy abilir, it may increase when the child has no interest in playing with the girls' preferred toys. Therefore, young children should be allowed to play with all kinds of toys. In particular, boys' toy preferences should not be judged.

How do the toys play affect the child's physical and mental development?
Toys have serious factors in the emotional and physical development of children.
Physical and motor development develops when children learn to reach, crawl, climb and stay in balance. Fine motor development develops by holding small toys. Fine motor development involves the coordination of small muscles (hand, foot, wrist muscles, etc.). Activity tables, walkers, blocks, legos, toys that require throwing and pulling support motor development. The child becomes aware of what he / she can do as a result of simple team movements by making his / her movements more coordinated in the first year of his / her life.

With toys that affect emotional development, children can express their desires, desires, and overcome their fears and bad experiences. With the game, the child's effectiveness and awareness on the environment increases. When the child feels safe while playing, it also contributes to the positive emotional development. In addition, when parents are involved in the child's games, these educational toys help to build strong ties between the child and the parent. Feelings of having children develop while playing. Initially, your child will learn to control himself with the game, while only wanting a toy for himself. In this way, your child learns social rules through toys.

Which toy is effective in which direction?
First of all, the toy to be selected must be appropriate for the age and development level of the child. Toys are thought to have a positive effect on the child's development and must play. Every child, regardless of age and gender, must grow up with play and toys. However, choosing the right toy is of great importance. In this respect, it is a fact that there are families who make wrong choices because they think they choose toys to support their development. Unfortunately, many parents are mistaken.
For example, electronic toys are such toys. Since it usually allows the child to play alone, it not only causes problems in terms of socialization but also confines the child in a limited space. There are no features in this kind of toys that will improve the child's creativity.

War games and weapons can also lead to an aggressive attitude towards the child's environment. It may cause problems in adapting to social life. War games to destroy a living creature can lead to negativity that can reach the child's feeling that this is normal.

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