What are the factors that negatively affect the development of the baby during pregnancy?

What are the factors that negatively affect the development of the baby during pregnancy?

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Pregnant the healthy choices you make about your life in the period you are in will affect your baby in the same way in a healthy way. On the other hand, while your baby develops in your womb for 40 weeks, some negative factors run the risk of adversely affecting their development. In particular, you can find more information to avoid;

Factors Affecting Baby's Development


As you can imagine, smoking directly and badly affects your baby's development. Even after your baby is born cigarette smoke exposure will still suffer negative effects. Smiling woman in pregnancy early birthThe risk of miscarriage, developmental disorders and infant mortality is greater. Because the baby is exposed to thousands of toxic substances due to cigarette smoke.


If you cups every day coffee if you drink during pregnancy you'll have to restrain yourself. 1 cup of coffee to be able to wake up in the morning and feel vigorous when you are pregnant has neither harm to you nor your baby. It might even help. However, consuming too much of this type of beverage during pregnancy may retard the development of the baby. It can even lead to miscarriages. Caffeine reduces the amount of iron in your body. Your body needs a lot of iron minerals, especially during pregnancy. In this period, it will be beneficial to reduce caffeine consumption considerably.

Air pollution

Exposed during pregnancy air pollutionmay adversely affect the health of both the mother and the baby. Generally, exhaust fumes in major cities are considered risk for expectant mothers and their babies. It has adverse effects on both the mother and the baby through inhalation. Pregnant women should avoid heavy traffic. However, they should also avoid indoor smoking areas.


Each medicine Not suitable for pregnant women. for example anti depressants it does not positively affect the development of the unborn baby. Pregnant women should avoid taking these medications. Pregnant women should consult with their doctor before using any medicine. Although there is a regular medication used in the period before pregnancy, we should also consult with our doctor whether it can be continued during pregnancy.


Pregnant women should take care of their own health as well as the health of their babies. During this period, poor nutrition can lead to negative consequences such as miscarriage. You should avoid sweeteners and processed foods especially during pregnancy. During pregnancy, you should take care to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables. So you can get the vitamins and minerals your body needs. You should also take vitamin supplements during your pregnancy. But of course you should first consult your doctor.

Prohibited Substances

Of course, it would be quite wrong to think of this last item only for pregnancy. Prohibited substances are already harmful in the normal period and are more harmful during pregnancy. Remember that when you are pregnant, your body is not only yours. One more creature with you clings to your body. Like cocaine, alcohol, hemp drug If substances are used during pregnancy, it will affect your baby's health and development too much, and even lead to death in your belly. your baby brain development be sure to avoid such items.

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