Is Cold Seen in Pregnancy?

Is Cold Seen in Pregnancy?

chills, contraction of vessels is a condition that occurs as a result. When this happens, there is an internal tremor when the chill is felt, the feeling of coldness in the hands and feet, the bruising of the nails, the whitening of the lips. Of course, the biggest reason for cold is that the weather is cold. But even in a situation where the weather is normal, people who get cold often have some disease symptoms should be considered.

Causes of cold in pregnancy The first reason that comes to mind is the anemia. Apart from this reason, hypothyroidism seen with less normal functioning of the thyroid gland, some vascular diseases, rheumatic problems, low sugar and hypoglycemia can be said to be among the diseases that cause the symptoms of chilling.

The cold can of course also be seen during pregnancy. Many times during pregnancy, anemia, low blood sugar and thyroid gland problems caused by the symptoms of chills are encountered. After nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, chills and tremor may occur. However, it is recommended to consult an Endocrine Specialist if this chills and chills occur frequently other than nausea and vomiting, and if chills are felt even when the room temperature is normal.

If you frequently complain of chills and tremors, and when you report this to your obstetrician, it will probably give you treatment for the cause of these problems, according to the results of the tests. If you are experiencing a condition other than your doctor's branch, you will be referred to the appropriate doctor.