Baby Development

Week 9 Pregnancy

Week 9 Pregnancy

9th week of pregnancy We have prepared a great article about you. 🙂 We wish all the mothers already pleasant readings.

Changes in the Baby - Week 9 Pregnancy

Your baby is now 18 mm tall by the 9th week! Your baby's body shape is gradually starting to appear as a fetus.
  • This week arm and leg development is a critical period for the arms and toes, toes to begin to emerge.
  • Your baby's elbows and wrists are also becoming clearer.
  • With ultrasound, you can see your baby's body, arm and leg movements, and even see that his head is quite big for his body. 🙂
  • During this period, your baby's abdomen and lungs continue to develop; liver, gall bladder, spleen and adrenal glands will become structures will begin to specialize.

Maternal Changes - Week 9 Pregnancy

So what should you, as a mother, pay attention to during this period?

  • After long walks or dinners mild groin pain you may feel that if you lie down, you will see that these pains have decreased. Also during this period urinate frequently it is quite normal. As the uterus grows rapidly, it puts pressure on your bladder, which is why the expectant mother often wants to urinate.
  • If you don't have nausea, you can start multi-vitamins with the advice of your doctor. Multi-vitamin pills contain folic acid, vitamin B, zinc, copper and iron and are essential for the mother during this period.

Driving in Pregnancy - Week 9 Pregnancy

In this period, the size of your uterus is about the size of a pear and your pregnancy is not yet clear from the outside. During this period of pregnancy driving There is no objection, but you must wear a seat belt. After 5 months if the seat belt is overgrown, from the bottom of your abdomen have a good time.

Body Changes in Pregnancy - Week 9 Pregnancy

By the 9th week, pregnancy hormones will cause an increase in the color cells called pigment in your body. However, spots may also appear on your face. Same way your nipples may darken and small protrusions at the ends You can see.

In the middle of your belly as time passes formation of a dark line is also quite normal. After the end of pregnancy, these stains will be reduced, but it can sometimes take 1-2 years to completely disappear.

Health Advice to the Mother - Week 9 Pregnancy

Before pregnancy, gastric ulcer or gastritis If you have had problems, especially in the first months of your pregnancy and then after the 5th and 6th months, similar complaints may occur. You should take some precautions. Stay away from bitter and spicy foods and choose your foods to eat.

In the 9th week, it will be useful to consult your doctor and choose a safe sport that can be practiced until the end of pregnancy. Walking, swimming and yoga are the healthiest activities for pregnant women.

During this period, diseases that can be transmitted from animals can make you uneasy. But you don't have to worry. It will not harm you if your pet regularly goes to veterinary control, undergoes the necessary examinations and is fully immunized. Therefore, you do not need to look after your little friends during pregnancy.

Nutrition Advice to the Mother - Week 9 Pregnancy

Mothers of all food groups during the day adequate and balanced somehow. Your pregnancy will continue as long as you continue to eat healthy. If you have consumed vegetables for lunch, you should consume meat at dinner. Snacks nutritious nutrients You can choose. Detox during this period, one-way feedinge or calorie restricted diets should never be done. A personalized diet of at least 1400 calories should be established.

Shopping Advice to the Mother - Week 9 Pregnancy

This week is the week of getting care products for you! You should take precautions for your nipples and cracks that may occur during pregnancy and use products that will moisturize your body.
Note from baby:
Mommy, hello from our 9th week! Isn't that great news? As I grow up, I put some pressure on your crotch. That's why you often urinate, but they're all temporary and healthy things, I heard our doctor say. I liked that you were my mother the most during our 9th week! And what did you love most, Mommy?