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Car Trip Advice During Pregnancy

Car Trip Advice During Pregnancy

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Automobile is one of the indispensable elements of today's human life. It's hard to imagine a car-free life on the way to work, touring, on vacation! The situation does not change during pregnancy. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Contact Alper directly especially in these days when we are preparing for the feast holiday offers some suggestions to mothers.

Imagine how many days you haven't taken a car, a van, or a bus? You stay away from the car only on days when you never go out of the house or just go out for a walk around. A significant number of people get into their own car, taxi or friends' cars every day. Carriage is inevitable because pregnancy does not require serious changes in normal life. Kiss. Dr. Mumcu says: There is no requirement to restrict automobile travel during pregnancy, but the only thing to be aware of here is to ensure your own comfort. It is necessary to take frequent breaks to avoid the damages of toilets and sitting for long periods, especially on long journeys. Similarly, it is OK to drive while you are pregnant until a certain week. Especially in the last month car use may endanger the baby. This is because the steering is likely to strike you in the event of an accident, as your stomach is enlarged and very close to the steering wheel. Therefore, it is better for someone else to drive the car in recent weeks.

Be sure to wear the seat belt

Car, bus, airplane… no matter what type of vehicle you need to use a seat belt during your journey. But how do you need to wear it? The answer to the question The candle holder gives: en When fastening the seat belt, make sure that it passes under the abdomen and not at the top and at the level of your hips. This is extremely important. The hip bone is one of the strongest bones in our body. if safety belt It is much safer if it has a three-point, ie if there is a part that runs over the shoulder. When the shoulder part of the belt is fastened, it should be between the full chest. If the belt has an up and down adjustment, you should adjust it in this way, otherwise you should change your sitting position so that the belt is between your chest. Danger of the belt being at your neck.

Are the airbags harmful?

Keep in mind that airbags are safer than ever before when your seat belt is properly fastened and you are about 25 centimeters away from the airbag. Provided you make the correct adjustment of course! Dr. Mumcu says: ayar Whether you are in the driver's or passenger's seat, adjust your seat forward, backward or up and down to ensure a safe and comfortable sitting position. if car if you are driving and the steering of your vehicle can be adjusted, be sure to set it as far away as possible from your stomach. ”

In case of accident…

Accident Even the word is not nice. But you need to know what to do if it happens. Dr.Mumcu warns: “If you have an accident while traveling with your car while you are pregnant, you should definitely contact a healthcare facility. Even if the accident is light, you should not neglect it. If you have contractions, pain or bleeding, you should see your doctor immediately. The mother's body usually protects the infant against traumas, but sometimes the post-traumatic placenta of the infant can be partially or completely separated and no symptoms can be seen. Especially if your pregnancy is more than 20 weeks, you should not waste any time regardless of the severity of the accident. ”

Points to consider during long trips

Here are some suggestions for the holidays:

• Sitting anywhere for a long time affects blood circulation in your legs and may cause swelling of the feet and wrists. For this reason, you should take a light walk and revitalize your blood circulation every 1.5-2 hours on any journey.
• You can also have stretching exercises on your legs during these short walks. You can also reduce the negative effects of prolonged sitting by doing some stretching movements while sitting.
• To do this, stretch your legs well forward in the sitting position, stretch your calf muscles by gently pulling your foot towards you with your heels centered. Then turn your ankles left and right and open and close your fingers.

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