Food Recipes For Your Baby

Food Recipes For Your Baby

Yogurt Recipe with Breast Milk

Yogurt made with breast milk is the hardest but the healthiest.
When we make yogurt with breast milk, it is beneficial to consume within 1-2 days.


1 cup of new milked breast milk
1 teaspoon fresh yogurt yeast


The yogurt yeast should wait a bit after it comes out of the cabinet. It was a little warm breast milk with the remaining portion of the yogurt.
This yogurt glass doll formula can be made in jars. It must be put in a clean and dry jar. The jar should be wrapped with a layer of kitchen paper and a layer of towel and stored at room temperature for 4-6 hours. Yogurt machines can also be used.

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Yogurt Recipe with Mama


Food Powder
120 cc boiled chilled water
1 teaspoon fresh yogurt yeast


120 cc of water should be boiled and cooled. When it comes to the temperature to withstand the elbow, the food in the box according to the scale and 1 teaspoon yogurt yeast powder should be added and mixed with food. In a clean and dry glass jar, wrap it with a paper towel and a layer of towel and allow to stand at room temperature for 4-6 hours. It is beneficial to consume within 1-2 days.

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Yoghurt Recipe with Cow Milk

If it is not with breast milk or formula, yogurt made with cow's milk can be given, but because of the risk of allergy, it is useful to give it a little more attention and practice.


1 tea glass of daily pasteurized cow's milk
1 teaspoon of fresh yogurt


The milk should be boiled and cooled, the elbow should be mixed with the yoghurt yeast when it comes to withstand the temperature. It is best to make in a glass jar, yogurt machines can also be used. Should not be left in the refrigerator for more than three days.

Rice Flour Custard

Babies in first years sugar It is very important not to practice, so we do not add sugar, we try to stay away from ready-made foods with sugar addition. It is possible to make with ready-made formula or with breast milk. It is not right to give the custard made with cow's milk before 8-9 months.

Rice Flour Custard Recipe with Mama


1 glass of water
3 teaspoons rice flour
6 scale food powder


Rice flour is mixed with water when it is cold and boiled slowly over heavy fire. A little more is stirred and left. When cool baby should not be left in the refrigerator for more than two to three days.

Rice Flour Custard Recipe with Water


3 teaspoons rice flour
1 tea cup of water


With water rice flour is stirred and cooked slowly when cold. When it starts to darken, it is taken from the hearth.
(When cooked and cooled slightly, it can be mixed with breast milk.)

Custard with Pumpkin

30-40 grams of pumpkin is boiled and mashed and mixed with the above puddles while it is about to be cooked.

Vegetable Foods

Juicy Carrot Puree

Half the first mash carrot two tablespoons of water can be steamed and then blender with its own juice. The amount may rise to 1 carrot on subsequent days.

Mixed Vegetable Puree

Before with carrot potato then potatoes and zucchini (pumpkin in summer, pumpkin in winter) are steamed and passed through the blender with juice.

Vegetable soup

Carrots-Potatoes-Pumpkin-Pumpkin-Green beans-Peas-Artichoke and Celery
Two or three combinations are used. (Please do not eat vegetable soup with the same taste every day)
For example; a carrot, a celery, a carrot pea
1 handful of rice
1 teaspoon of olive oil is used. (Butter can be put in after a few weeks.)
First the rice is boiled in a glass of water and then the vegetables are added according to the cooking order. Close to cooking is also put olive oil.

Vegetable Soup with Yogurt

Chard, celery and carrots are boiled with a handful of rice. Half a bowl of yogurt is added. Olive oil is placed near the boil. Semolina or oat powder can also be used after 8 months.

Fruit Foods

Fruits can be pure or juice. Fruit pulp is more useful because it contains pulp, but the juice is easier to absorb. These can be given alternately.

Fruit Puree

The first fruits are apples, pears, peaches, bananas, purple plums and grapes according to the season.
For example; Apple puree; The bark of an apple is peeled and the seeds are removed. It is passed through a glass grate and given to the baby as an aqueous puree (with the addition of two teaspoons of water).


For example; A peach is peeled and peeled, then passed through a glass grater. Afterwards, the pulp is separated by filtering with a clean cheesecloth and the juice is given to the baby with a spoon or glass.

Rice Fruit Puree

A handful of rice is boiled with half a cup of water and passed through the blender (it can also be a hand blender) and mashed. The glass is mixed with grated peach and fed.

Oat Fruit Puree (After 8 months)

Two tablespoons of oats are made into powder by passing through the blender. Half a cup of tea is boiled with water. When it gets darker, it is taken from fire and cooled. It is mixed with a fruit like glass grated apple, pear apricot or peach.

Vegetable Recipes

Seasonal vegetables must be used, fresh and organic, if possible. Vegetables can be given in puree or soup form. The first vegetable is usually carrot, but the following recipe can be used for different vegetables. Slowly add seasonal vegetables to the carrot. Sometimes pure, sometimes soup. It is important to ensure that only the baby gets different tastes and not to eat anything of the same taste.

Carrot Puree


A small carrot
Enough water to steam (1 cup)
(After two weeks, olive oil is added.)


The carrots, which have been scraped, are heavily steamed with little water and then mixed with their own water to form an aqueous puree. Consistency is increased as the baby gets used to it.
Addition of olive oil (2nd week) is made raw after carrot cooking.

Sample Vegetable Soup Recipes

Sample Summer Soup


(seasonal vegetables)
Half pumpkin,
A handful of peas,
A pinch of parsley
Small onions,
A handful of rice,
1 teaspoon of olive oil
1.5 glasses of water


First, rice, peas, artichokes are boiled in a little water, then pumpkin, parsley and onions are added. After the onion is cooked, a small piece of olive oil is added. It is given by passing through the blender. Increasingly their grains. It is beneficial for daily consumption.

Sample Winter Soup

Materials (Winter)

Half carrot
30-40 grams of pumpkin
1 small celery (can be used alternately with onions)
5-6 spinach or chard
A handful of rice
1 teaspoon of olive oil
1.5 glasses of water


First, boiled rice and vegetables other than spinach, spinach is put last.
Add olive oil while cooking. Pass through the blender. Increasing the amount of grain will be increased. Strawberries, raspberries, kiwi fruit, mandarins are prohibited in the first year.

Fruit Purees

Although fruit can be given as puree or juice, purees are healthier in terms of pulp. The fruits should be seasonal, fresh and organic if possible.
The first fruits are apple, pear, banana, peach, grape, melon, watermelon according to the season.

Apple Puree

After peeling a medium-sized apple peel and removing the seeded part (it can constipate it because it is pectin) from a glass grater (it is healthier than a blender for fruits)
is mixed with a little water into the puree is given to the baby.

A Sample of Mixed Fruit Puree (Summer)

Half peach
One purple plum
One piece of melon
Peel and peel all the fruits of the fruit after the glass grating is mixed, is given to the baby.